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Welder Series Inc. Frame Rails

Frame Curves
Welder Series makes it easy to create frame rails like the pros, in your own garage. Simply clamp the pieces together, weld the corners, and you've got a 90 degree bend in 2x3, 2x4, 3x3, or 2x5 rectangular tubing, going vertically or horizontally! Made from 3/16" mild steel. There are no kinks or stretching. Butt them up against your hollow structural tubing frame rails, and for extra strength you can use our fishplates to overlap the joint. From $39 - $49 per 90 degree bend. Check out these customer-submitted pictures...



You can order the Frame Curves here



 As labor is usually a large part of the cost of any project, the more labor you can provide yourself, the less dollars the project will cost. The unique idea behind Welder Series ready-to-weld kits is that if you can weld, you can make professional quality kits using our parts. Everything comes in the box except the welding. Assembly sheets show and tell how the kit components go together and installation sheets show how to position the part in your project. Our parts are also available completely welded. DW Horton welds parts in-house, to maintain high quality standards. Every Welder Series kit is welded by the same person…