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Wheel Vintiques - OE Steel Wheels for Hot Rods and Customs

City of Industry, CA – In the early days of hot rodding and custom car building, steel wheels were the most popular choice. The reason was availability, as you could pick up a set of wheels out of a junkyard and paint them to your liking without spending a ton of money. Aftermarket wheel manufacturers were few and far between, but a revolutionary product changed the custom car world. Chrome-Reverse wheels became a huge trend, and you could pick them up out of any aftermarket catalog.


Today, there are thousands of wheel options, but many nostalgic hot rods and customs are going back to the roots of hot rodding with the timeless looks of an OE steel wheel. Wheel Vintiques offers OE Ford and OE Chevy steel wheels, which are reproductions of original steel wheels that rolled beneath millions of Ford and General Motors vehicles from the ‘50s all the way through the ‘70s. These wheels were generally fitted with a center cap or a full hubcap, but hot rodders typically removed the caps for a distinct look that is still popular to this day.


And while styles such as the Smoothie wheel have been on the market for many years and offer the same “steelie” looks, they feature a multi-lug bolt pattern, meaning they have ten bolt holes, instead of five. Wheel Vintiques’ OE Ford and OE Chevy steel wheels feature a single bolt pattern, making them perfect for the old school look. If you’re building a hot rod or custom, you can choose to run no center cap, or choose from a selection of Spider caps, depending on your bolt pattern. Other options are a “dog dish” style cap (10-1/8-inch diameter) that fits the original style center section.


OE Ford and OE Chevy wheels are available in 5x4-1/2, 5x4-3/4, 5x5 and 5x5-1/2-inch bolt patterns to fit many car and truck applications from the ‘30s, all the way to the ‘90s. The 62 Series OE wheel features a primed finish, which is ready for paint of your choice, or you can opt for custom powder coating. The 64 Series OE wheel features full chrome plating.


Sizing options are the same for both the primed and chrome-plated wheels, ranging from OE fitments to larger sizing, up to 17x9 inches. Backspacing for the “off-the-shelf” wheels are designed to fit most applications, but you can order custom backspacing if you need an adjustment for the perfect fit. Wheel Vintiques also offers reverse offset on OE Ford and OE Chevy steel wheels, just like the old days. Reverse offset provides the deep-dish look, with very little backspacing—Chrome-Reverse wheels are the perfect treatment for a nostalgic hot rod or custom car.


From a quality standpoint, Wheel Vintiques products are second to none. Precision tooling and a 600-ton hydraulic press makes for clean lines when the seven-gauge steel center sections are stamped, and precise jigs make for a perfectly true wheel as the center and hoop are welded together. All Wheel Vintiques wheels are made right here in the USA, and the OE Ford and OE Chevy wheels are in stock and ready to ship. Please note that custom sizing, backspacing and powder-coating are not “on-the-shelf” options, and may require additional order turnaround time.

Wheel Vintiques is proud to be one of the most recognized names in the Hot Rod, Muscle Car and Classic Truck industy.

With over 50 different caps and accessories and 100 plus wheel styles Wheel Vintiques has the most diverse product line in the industry and it’s growing everyday. No other wheel manufacture can make that claim. Since 1993, we have been delivering the largest selection of stock steel wheels, billet wheels, wire wheels and accessories to the automotive enthusiast.

Wheel Vintiques quality control practices are unrivaled, every piece is inspected for fit and finish in each phase of production. This equates to quality assurance at 5 to 6 process points before final inspection. Strict quality control and precision machining insure a flawless product time after time.

Manufacturing isn’t a hobby here. We stock every product in our accessory line. No other wheel company can beat our delivery time. Period. We inventory an enormous number of wheel centers, rim shells and center blanks waiting to fulfill your order. We also keep an inventory of finished wheels in select styles and sizes ready for immediate shipping. Our customer service staff consists of automotive enthusiasts that understand current trends and the needs of our customers. We are only a phone call or e-mail away with technical advice, application resources and possible solutions for special needs.

We think you will agree that Wheel Vintiques is the clear choice for your steel, billet, and wire wheel needs.

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