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Woody's Hot Rodz Service


It's all right there in the name. Real Deal Steel.

The genuine article. At a great deal.

Made just like they were made over 50 years ago; only better.

“The biggest thing to happen to the collector and hot rod market since the reproduction of the '32 Ford.” States well known builder Chris Sondles of Woody's Hot Rodz. “I've been waiting for this day to come.”

After years of dreaming, anticipating and just plain old-fashioned wishing, they are here:Real Deal Steel reproduction 1957 hardtops and convertibles!

Assembled in the USA. Using Real Steel


Woody's doen't only perform full vehicle builds but we can finish or modify your classic car. Have it "almost there" but need to get a profesionally body-worked paint job? Looking to add the finishing-touch with some new gauges? Need help with your vehicle wiring, suspension or brakes? Come see us, we can get you all fixed up!


Full vehicle builds

General Maintenance on any vehicle (oil changes, brakes, spark plugs etc.)

Engine swaps and performance upgrades

Engine reliability and fuel economy upgrades

Transmission swaps

Art Morrison chassis swaps or upgrades

Suspension upgrades and coil over conversions

Rear-end swaps and upgrades

Complete vehicle wiring

Air Condition installation

Disc Brake Conversions

Rust repair


Custom paint



Woody's specializes in creating one-of-a-kind turnkey hot rods and muscle cars. Our understanding of state-of-the-art performance technology and our love of old school aesthetics blend together to create classic looking cars that can perform head-to-head with modern sports cars. We pride ourselves in building vehicles that are meant to be driven; after all the Woody's motto is "Why stare at it? When you can stand on it!"

Woody's Hot Rodz
23950 Salt Fork Road
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