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1933-1934 Deck Lid from Steve's Auto Restorations

S.A.R. 1933-1934 Deck lid (fits Roadster, Coupe, Cabriolet)

Steve’s Auto Restorations in Portland Oregon has announced that their Real Steel ‘33/’34 Deck Lid is back in production! Following a brief hiatus, S.A.R. has commissioned a new stamping facility to produce the ‘33/’34 deck lids which is one of the hottest selling items from the S.A.R. Real Steel lineup. Every deck lid outer skin and inner structure is die-stamped using the original gauge sheet metal. Prior to assembly, Steve’s crew epoxy primers the inside of each lid assuring rust-free performance. S.A.R. offers the full deck lid assembly in either trunk or rumble seat configurations to fit roadster, coupe or cabriolet. The outer skin and inner structure may also be purchased separately depending on your specific needs. Louvered options are also available with five rows of twenty or their ever popular “Salt Flat Special” which features seven rows of twenty-three. In addition S.A.R. offers five different louver styles to choose from and can punch any custom pattern you may need. As with all of S.A.R.’s Real Steel parts, the deck lids are stamped in the U.S.A. to ensure the best quality for your money.

For more information and pricing, contact Steve’s Auto Restorations at (503) 665-2222 or

Steve's Auto Restorations in Portland, Oregon is a multi-faceted shop specializing in transforming automotive dreams into reality. The street rods built at Steve's range from capable cruise-night machines to highly-detailed, top-echelon show stoppers. In addition to building street rods Steve's Auto Restorations owns and operates Real Steel, a division that specializes in the manufacturing of steel '33/'34 Roadster bodies and replacement sheet-metal parts. The team at Steve's is proficient in virtually every aspect of custom car construction, and also perform specialty service and repair work.

Steve's Auto Restorations continues to evolve with the ever-changing street rod market and the enthusiasts who drive it. High profile, ground-breaking builds like the NewMad, RealMad, and Baron Von Kuhl represent a small percentage of builds at Steve's, but illustrate Steve's Auto Restorations ability to impact the rodding world with imaginative and uncompromising creations that challenge the limits of modern rodding. Although Steve and his crew are well known for rare 10,000 hour builds that challenge the very limits of their creativity, SAR prides themselves on their ability to transform anyone's dream into reality.

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