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Automobile Driving Museum Grand Reopening

By Pouria Savadkouei

The Automobile Driving Museum celebrated its grand reopening this past Sunday with a cruise-in event that offered several attractions and activities for attendees. With live music, food trucks, numerous vendors, a pinup contest, and a massive turnout of awesome hot rods, there was enough to keep everyone entertained for the full 6 hours!
Located practically within walking distance from our Internet Brands headquarters in El Segundo, CA, and next door to the Hot Wheels Design Center, the drive to the museum is a familiar one for me. But as I made the left turn onto Lairport street, I could already see the heavy overflow of eccentric builds parked along the entire length of the block. The show cars had started to trickle in from 8 in the morning, and by the event’s start at 10, it was already completely packed. 
I did my best to capture the best of what was on offer at the Automobile Driving Museum on Sunday. And although the audible element of the experience is missing from the pictures, I know everyone reading will be able to associate the appropriate internal combustion sounds (and fumes) using their imaginations.