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BedWood™ for Trucks Introduces A Wood Finishing Kit

BedWood™ for Trucks Finishes What It Starts

Hopkinsville, KY—Bed Wood and Parts the leading manufacturer of specialty bed wood restoration and custom kits has announced a finishing kit for wood.

Adding to the BedWood line of extensive and superior quality products are the new finishing products. BedWood EZ Seal & Shine™; a complete finishing kit for protecting and finishing bed wood.

“Our new products offer the customer a complete method for finishing and caring for the fine wood bed they have installed.
These EZ products also offer the enthusiast a proven product and after-purchase support, no more guess work. BedWood now offers premium woods, custom BedStrips™, an easy-touse finishing kit and a maintenance detailer, states Jeff Major, President Bed Wood and Parts.


BedWood EZ Seal & Shine Finishing Kit
A custom wood bed should shine and have a sealed finish that protects. This new single-stage finishing kit offers both with an easy-to-use sealer that any hobbyist can use. EZ Seal & Shine can be sprayed or brushed on most stained, painted or raw woods. The eco-friendly finish provides a high-gloss, protective finish that shields against harmful UV rays. It meets all VOC standards worldwide and is packaged in handsome, resealable metal cans.