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The Complete Chrysler Hemi Engine Manual By Ron Ceridono

The Complete Chrysler Hemi Engine Manual By Ron Ceridono
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Publisher: LeRoi Tex Smith

Editor: Jim Clark

From the Publisher

A builders manual for early Hemis. This book has it all: Early Chrysler – DeSoto – Dodge Hemis are covered in detail for street, race, marine and restoration in blown and naturally aspirated forms. This book is the complete source for Hemi fanatics. It includes in-depth build-ups and covers everything from the best traditional tricks to the latest in fuel injection adaptations. Complete identification and specifications for all models are given. Also included are Polyspheres and the new 426 crate motors.

Get this book and get a hemi! Even if you don't get a hemi, get this book. A good read and a great gift for the street rod nut.

Review: By Larry Wescott

Tex Smith’s “The Complete Chrysler Hemi Engine Manual” is the most complete book of the Hemis-pherical head engine that I have ever read. It was so complete that if you’ve never owned one, you almost want to get one and build it for yourself.

It was full circle as far as engines go from the block to the finished product. Even a chapter on the 318 Polysphere for anyone not ready for the Hemi.

One of the highlights for me was a forward by the number one Fuel Driver in the game, Don Garlits. He is the best AA fuel man in the business and responsible for making drag racing what it is today.

I first saw Don in 1959 in Sanford, Maine. The track record for speed was in the 140’s mph by an Olds Powered rail from Massachusetts. When he lit the fire in that old “Swamp Rat” it drew almost everyone there into the pits cause they had never heard anything like it. He then proceeded to make several runs in the high 170’s and it was then I became hooked on the sport. If your ever in Florida make it a point to go see the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing off interstate 75 in Ocala. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

it is full of info in all 20 chapters of the proper way to set your hemi up the way to best fit your needs. There is a section on all the aspects of the Chrysler, DeSoto and Dodge and info on where you can get about anything you’d ever need to build an engine.

If you never get another look about the hemi this one is all you need. My thanks to Ron Ceridono, Tex Smith, Jim Clark, Bob Reece and Kirk Bogart for making such an informative book available to us. 

The Maineiac, Larry Westcott

Color   Though they lack the visual impact of a Hemi, Polyspheres are excellent engines and can be made to perform quite well with just a few tweaks. This 218 has had some minor head porting and is quipped with a Chris Nielson solid lifter cam, Weiand intake manifold, Holley 600 CFM carburetor, K&N air filter and a Mopar Performance electronic ignition system. It’s destined for a 1960 Dodge station wagon.
Picture 40002   The ultimate crate motor, the 528 cubic inch Mopar Performance Parts Hemi. The all new Hemi based on the 426 cranks out 610 horsepower and 650 lbs./ft of torque right out of the box; and a nice box it is to boot.
Hemi   There’s not another engine around that has the testosterone level of a blown Chrysler Hemi. This one features a full compliment of Hot Heads components including aluminum heads and blower manifold.
nostalgia   There’s no question that the nostalgia movement among street rodders has revived interest in Hemis.  While Chryslers continue to be the most popular, the smaller versions shouldn’t be overlooked. This T-tub is powered by a Desoto.
searching   Searching for Hemi Parts? Look no farther than your local swap meet. However, shop carefully. Used drag race parts may have had the life run out of them. But then there are diamonds in the rough, note the set of injectors in the upper right of the photo.
racinghemi   Hemis still bring the fans to their feet at the nostalgia drags. Today’s engine builders, like Sterling Engine Service are making them go faster than ever.

Landy Brothersa

Dick Landya


The Landy brothers were probably the most famous of those driving Hemi Cars on the track back in the 60's. Our own Jack Lawford has a great story about Dick Landy .... when Jack was young he had the privilege of working on Dick Landy’s car ... and one afternoon Jack thought it would be neat to take it for a spin down the back alley behind the shop.... Jack stepped on it... and the front end went up into the air and then slammed down to the ground buckling the quarter panels on both side... Oh Oh.... Jacks life flashed before his eyes as he thought this was the end for sure.... a few hours later big Dick Landy came into the shop chomping on that cigar and looked over the damage and said.... "Kid, Can you fix that by Monday" ........ "You bet" said Jack.... and needless to say, Jack spent the weekend fixing the car and nothing more was said ! Now that car sits in the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports museum ... pretty cool huh !

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