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Custom Junkyard Pics


Dick "Fuzzy" Fuerholzer sent in some pictures of a "Customs" Junkyard... Take a look!  


Hi All

     Here’s some pics from a junkyard on the south side of Chicago.  Would you believe the radical customs and look close there’s a guy walking on the rooftops.  The Starbird ‘51 Chevy built back in the ‘60’s is also sitting in here.   Check out the section shoebox!  Thought everyone might get a kick out of these! 

Dick ‘Fuzzy’ Fuerholzer!














Wow, Dick was right it is a custom junkyard!!!   Hope everyone could

make out the pics, some were a little blurry!!!  Well that’s all folks!!!
We hope everyone had fun checking out the junkyard!!!
THANKS to Dick ‘Fuzzy’ for taking and sending us ALL these pics
so we could share the experience of a custom junkyard!!!

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