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Mahaffey Motorsports asks.. Is Your Hot Rod Running Hot ? If so we have the solution for you. Mahaffey Motorsports offers custom fan shrouds made of aluminum to your specifications.. They are built to provide maximum potential for your radiator and fan combination. Mahaffey can also provide components such as the fan, radiator, and shroud as a package. When this package is used, an additional cap can be fabricated to provide a more finished product along the top of the radiator. Polishing to a near chrome finish is also available in-house, giving your show car the detail you want to see under the hood. There are two things on Mahaffey's mind as he creates his art. One is the workmanship, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The other is constantly striving to improve the product in any way possible. Take a look at how Mahaffey Motorsports Fan Shrouds can keep YOU Cool !

Old Air Products

Old Air Products Specializing in A/C and Heater Systems and Factory Replacement Parts for Antique, Classic, and Custom Vehicles. Many NOS & NORS parts in stock including Heater Valves, Receiver/Driers, Cables, update kits for STV & POA Valves, A/C Hose Assemblies, Vacuum Valves and Electrical Switches.


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