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Rods and Customs by Bo Bertilsson

Rods and Customs by Bo Bertilsson
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Book Reviewed By Tom Henderson

Whether it’s a beefed-up V-8 or a lowered chop-top, a rockabilly ride or restored Model T, hot rods and custom cars drive the speed and style of car culture to a whole new plane. In a book that features some of the most beautiful rods and customs, author and photographer Bo Bertilsson burns film and rubber visiting events from Las Vegas to Paso Robles, chronicling the restoration of his own T-bucket, and offering an up-close look at rockabilly cars, including one owned by Jeff Beck. His book with its vast cast of characters in their 20s and 30s, many embracing the culture right down to the hairstyles and clothes offers head-turning testimony to a hot-rod and custom-car revival well underway.

Bo Bertilsson started his career by taking pictures for Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.  Roth wanted Bertilsson to photograph Choppers for his “Choppers” Magazine. He moved to California from Sweden, but still covers the Rod and Custom scene for European & American magazines.

The book has a good selection of early and later style rods & Customs from American and Swedish Builders. The photography is outstanding.

Picture 4   Picture 40007    

1931 Model A Roadster Pickup Built by Roy Brizio


This little T was built by Von Franco

Picture 40006   ROD_CUST_01   ROD_CUST_03a

1932 Tudor Built By Jim Benitez


Anders Berge 1928 Highboy Roadster 


Bill Ross’ 1946 Ford

In the last chapter Bo talks about some of the events he has covered and the highlights of each.

This would be a great book to have on your coffee Table. You can pick one up at any of your local bookstores or go online to 

-Tom Henderson,