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Ron Francis Wiring Harness

Factory Five MK3 Roadster & Type 65 Coupe Wiring Harness

EXACT FIT HARNESS FOR FFR ONLY This chassis harness has been especially designed by RON FRANCIS WIRING and Factory Five Racing’s engineers for use in the Roadster and Coupe. Designed to allow easy installation, each end of the loom wrapped harness is labeled with its location on the car and terminated with the appropriate connector. Step by step instructions including color wiring diagrams explain how and where to install the harness.

The fuse panel uses standard ATC blade type fuses and includes 11 fuses, 3 relays and 2 flashers. Wires routed to the correct locations have been included for wipers, heater and radio. Weather pack plugs are used at the front and rear of the car to connect the lights. A fuel inertia switch has been wired into the fuel pump circuit for added safety. A gauge wiring harness has been included for wiring the standard gauge layout. The harness also has dedicated power wires if you plan on running Fuel Injection using their available Fuel Injection harness. Nearly 2 years have gone into this project and they are now being produced. They are available from Factory Five Racing or Ron Francis Wiring.

This is the ultimate chassis harness. Parts Include:
- Dash Harness
- Main Harness
- Front Harness
- Rear Harness



Ron Francis Wiring, founded in 1974, is a result of over 30 years of experience in wiring street rods and developing electrical products directly for street rod and hot rod applications. Over the years Ron Francis wiring systems have gone through constant re-design to incorporate the latest in wiring technology in both circuitry and materials, so that the system is compatible with the latest in automotive trends. Today's Express Wiring System all the way through the Original Bare Bonz, are just as suitable for a state-of-the-art, high-tech street rod with all of the modern electrical accessories as it is for one with just the basic equipment. Ron Francis Wiring has grown up with street rodding/hot rodding and is proud to have been one of the "ground floor" companies in the sport. Built on a reputation of service and quality, Ron Francis continually strives to maintain it. Just like the majority of our customers, we're street rodders & hot rodders too, and we know how valuable your support has been and will be in the future. You can see all of our products online along with reference charts and an online form to "Ask Ron" any wiring questions you may have... Take a look

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