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What's a Clenet?

The Clenet was a remarkable car and remains a very desirable collectible... Thanks to Del Brown for sending in this story about this car.




What's A Clenet??

Well, we think it is arguably the most beautifully styled automobile in the world.

Alain Clenet (a French-born designer, pronounced clay-nay) founded Clenet Coachworks in Santa Barbara, CA, in the late 1970s and proceeded to construct limited edition, personalized vehicles in the true tradition of 1930s firms like Dietrich or Body by Fisher.  Clenet would take the chassis and drive train of a top of the line vehicle (specifically a Lincoln Continental, Town Car, or Mercury Cougar) and custom build a body to customer specifications, yet follow a predetermined style.
The results were the exquisite Series I Roadster, Series II Cabriolet, and Series III Asha, plus some special projects and continuation models.  All in all, close to 500 automobiles were constructed before the firm regrettably closed in the early 80s.
Some Specifications:
Mercury Ford V-8 Engine, 351-400 cu ins., 2 Venturi Downdraft Carburation, Select Shift 3 Speed Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Tilt Steering Wheel Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Brakes, State-of-the-Art Stereo AM/FM, Sound System English Leather Upholstery, Lambswool Carpeting Solid Walnut Dash, Crystal Ashtray and Accessories, Cut Glass Vent Windows, Tonneau, Cover Danish Teakwood Accents, Pinstriping, Hand Rubbed Acrylic Lacquer Paint, Optional:  Padded Hardtop, Luggage Trunk


From Del Brown

Series I (250 Units)
Series II (180 Units)
Series III (50 Units)
Very Nice Cars!!!  Hope everyone enjoyed the pics & story!!!

Thanks Del for sending in both of them!!!


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