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ECI Hot Rod Brakes and Brackets Chevrolet Inline Six Cylinder Accessory Drive System

Here's one of our lastest product additions

This new accessory drive system for the 230, 250, and 292 Chevrolet six cylinder engines features a combined A/C and alternator upper mount and a stand alone lower power steering pump mount. Our unique cross bar mounting system provides reinforcement for both upper mounts resulting in a stronger, more compact mount. Each accessory has its own drive belt using a combination of stock 2 groove balancers and water pump pulleys. The stand alone power steering pump requires a stock GM pulley that bolts to the balancer face (user supplied). This is an extremely rigid mounting system that bolts to existing attachment points with no machining or modifications required.


Engineered Components Inc.; Hot Rod Brakes and Brackets ECI has spent the last 30 years developing the most complete line of street rod brake systems and components available anywhere. Street rod brake systems are not only our business - but also our specialty. We can supply brake system components for your rod from the basic brackets and hardware up to and including complete front and rear brake systems - from "Lo-buck to Hi-tech". We also offer a complete line of master cylinder and power brake mounting assemblies unmatched by any other manufacture in our industry. Our street rod power brake system have been designed and developed specifically for street rod applications and to provide you with true power brake performance - along with dual master cylinder safety. Our new Simplicity System Engine and Accessory mounting systems provide an economical and compact accessory drive system as well as a unique front engine mounting system allowing for additional exhaust and steering component clearance, and either system is available seperately. Our components are ENGINEERED and designed to provide you with the ultimate in safety and performance.. Not only do OUR KITS FIT, but they work - and they work every time.

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