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Fatman Fabrications Mustang II Kits

All Fatman Fabrication Mustang II Kits are fully welded and ground using SAE 1018 Steel. Tubular arm crossmembers are boxed  on the ends for a cleaner appearance.   We use PAD design systems to insure accuracy and correct geometry.

All of these kits are available in staged Hub-to-Hub Kits We list here the basic kits, less all bolt on suspension parts. These are great for the guy who would rather gather his own parts, or just needs to spread the purchase out over time. Each Mustang II kit is fitted precisely to the specific car we list. There is no need for a “Universal” (you-make-it-fit) kit with Fatman! If you have a custom application, or one that is not listed, please call for a simple worksheet and personal attention to your wishes

We cover so many applications we can’t list them all here....Each kit is fitted to it’s unique frame.  Any kit can be ordered Hub-to-Hub, Stage I, II, II, Stage IV, Air Ride and Stage V-Shockwave. The choices are endless so we can get the exact setup you want and need. Watch the video below to learn more about our options. Or download our catalog from our homepage.


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Fat Man Fabrication's mission is to develop parts that allow you to bring the handling and ride quality of your vintage hot rod or muscle car up to the safety and comfort standards of today.. Our standards, performance scientific analysis and road testing all lead to quality driving solutions. Known for the Fat Man's New chassis, Independent suspension kits, Muscle car Tubular control arms and dropped spindles. We cover a vast variety of vehicles from the late 1920's to the 1980's. Check out the "G-Tech" line of products for the '55-87 Chevy, Camaro, Nova, Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo, and the Ford Mustangs, Falcons, Fairlanes and Torinos. The G-Tech line is all about giving these fine vehicles the chassis performance in keeping with the vastly upgraded power plants and tires of today.

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