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NSRA Street Rod Nationals
Louisville, KY
August 4-7, 2005
Pictures By �Cat� Art Meredith
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Here's a teaser from Louisville! Hey Gang! Ya know what time it is???   It's LOONEYVILLE!!! The NSRA Street Rod Nationals!!! It was so hot today! (Thursday)I saw a squirrel running by with a HRHL Fan... fanning himself!!!  Here are a few "teaser" pics from the show... Get there if you can! It's already an AWESOME Show! See ya there...



Flames... that's right... if ya ain't got 'em... better get 'em! They are still HOTTER than ever!

Sneak peak! NSRA Street Rod Nationals!

You saw it here first! Don "Big Daddy" Garlits interviewing Barry Lobeck for the show on ESPN...

Wheels??? Ya want wheels???  My buddies at Billet Specialties had their awesome line of wheels, steering wheels and all sorts of AWESOME billet accessories on display! They were BUSY all day!

New!!! Black Chrome Wheels from American Racing!

Boyd is there!!!

Gai Wilson's roadster looked absolutely AWESOME sitting at the Rat's Glass Trailer outside! Stop by and say "HI" to Rat & Gai! Tell 'em Cat sent ya!

Ohhhhhhhhh.... WOW!!!! Are you drooling???

Look what $80 grand will buy!!!
It will be up 4 sale on our website after the show in Louisville!!! Anybody wanna loan me $79 grand for the Sunkist Orange??? Lots more coming on this rod!

Wait until you see my complete coverage on the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY! Over 11,000 pre 1948 vehicles are already registered!!! All weekend at the Fairgrounds!!!  This show just keeps getting bigger 'n better!

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