Syracuse Nationals
Right Coast Association
July 15-17, 2005
Pictures by  Jack Lawford

     We had a great time this year at the 5th annual Syracuse Nationals….. As always !   There were over 7000 cars and despite some rain and a constant threat of rain … the party went on !   We saw many of our good friends from the East as well as many who had traveled from Canada and from points West in the US !   Big Al Liebmann was there and it's always good to see our good friend…. Be sure to check out the tons of pictures he took at the show.  Along the way this time we didn't spot many hidden treasures….. until we got to Elkhart Indiana, where we stopped to see our excellent Roving Reporter and good buddy  Ray Schuler….wait til you see Rays collection !  We had a great time visiting with him and we'll be seeing both Al and Ray in Louisville along with many other of our good friends and roving reporters…. But now….  On with the show !

Looks like Dave Tucci's son is following in Dad's footsteps…. He's building this really cool bike !

And here's one from Dad….  Dave Tucci is a very talented young man … we always enjoy seeing his latest projects.

This truck is a "regular" at the Syracuse Nats every year… very interesting !

One of the neatest new products we saw at the show was this new Welder Series lines of ready-to-weld rod components.  The parts are AutoCad designed, laser cut, formed and machined.  Purchase a complete package with everything required tomake the part… and then just Weld it together. Jack thinks this is a GREAT idea…. Take a look at

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