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Chuck’s 34 Ford Coupe and Linda, “The Princess” 33 Ford Coupe

 Orange County Cruisers
Burger King Cruise-In

Orange, VA.

Saturday July 16, 2011

 Pictures By Charles Shotwell aka Chuck the Slacker
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After the main part of the event was over for us we cruised 39 miles to Orange, VA and the Orange County Cruisers monthly cruise event at the Burger King on Rt. 15.  We have been attending the event for a few years now and it is always a fun and interesting event.  DJ Ron keeps the music hopping and the event moving all night.  Yes Ron, I knew it was Marty Robbins singing White Sports Coat….I have most of his tunes on my mp3 player!  I’m old remember?

This night the cars kept coming in….it’s difficult to tell exactly how many cars attend because some stay for an hour or so then leave.  I think there were about 260 cars by the time we left at 8:45, not a bad night!?  Sometimes this cruise has a lot full of pro streets but tonight that was not to be the case….just mostly road cars came to visit.  It seemed like the Barracuda owners go the memo, I counted 7 of the little Plymouths.  There was a line of 4 traditionally hot rodded 30’s Ford pickups that was very cool; I have seen them grow to 4 during the last 3 years.  A white ’55 Chevy Cameo came and parked in the line to add some rarity to the night.  But the star was the ’64 Olds Jetfire with the very intricate paint…some of the details hearken back to the ‘60s design schemes but the rest is refreshingly new….kinda new & old at the same time!  The choice of the Jetfire is unusual as it was only built for a few years before morphing into the Delmont….a very interesting car.

About 8:30 we pulled the plug on the cruise and motored home.  It was a cool evening and the Princess let me drive!  Whoopee….

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Orange BK 7-16-2011-001 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-002 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-003 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-004 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-005 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-006 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-007 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-008 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-009 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-010 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-011 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-012 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-013 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-014 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-015 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-016 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-017 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-018 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-019 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-020 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-021 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-022 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-023 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-024 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-025 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-026 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-027 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-028 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-029 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-030 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-031 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-032 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-033 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-034 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-035 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-036 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-037 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-038 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-039 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-040 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-041 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-042 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-043 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-044 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-045 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-046 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-047 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-048 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-049 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-050 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-051 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-052 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-053 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-054 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-055 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-056 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-057 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-058 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-059 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-060 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-061 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-062 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-063 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-064 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-065 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-066 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-067 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-068 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-069 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-070 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-071 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-072 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-073 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-074 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-075 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-076 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-077 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-078 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-079 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-080 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-081 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-082 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-083 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-084 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-085 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-086 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-087 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-088 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-089 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-090 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-091 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-092 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-093 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-094 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-095 (Medium)

Orange BK 7-16-2011-096 (Medium)





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