Bonneville Speed Week 2010


Photo by Jason Sims Jim Kirk's 2000 Chevy Cavalier caught air Sunday during a run on the Salt Flats. Kirk, of Buckeye, Ariz., walked away from the crash.

Speed Week crash victim walks away



An Arizona man is lucky to be alive after an accident Sunday on the Bonneville Salt Flats caused his modified silver Chevrolet Cavalier to flip vertically several times.

Jim Kirk, of Buckeye, Ariz., was driving on the salt flat track, trying to break a speed record, when he lost control of the car about 12:30 p.m., said JoAnn Carlson, a spokeswoman for Bonne�ville Nationals Speed Week. He was in the second mile of a three-mile timed run when the car spun, pitched, landed right side up and then slowed to a stop in a long slide.

Speed Week is known to hold some of the fastest speed trials in the world, according to the Southern California Timing Association’s website, scta-bni.org. Kirk’s car was going at more than 260 mph before the crash, Carlson said.

Witnesses said a crowd of emergency personnel swarmed the car after it crashed and Kirk eventually got out and walked with a little help to an ambulance, which took him to a Salt Lake City hospital. Kirk suffered only minor injuries and bruises, mainly because of the car’s safety equipment, Carlson said. The vehicle had previously run at speeds over 250 mph without incident.

Bonneville 2010 - Friday - Presented by Spectre (Click a Thumbnail to Enlarge Photos)

This is a gallery of photos from Bonneville Speed Week 2010. We were supplied the photos by Spectre Performance, the presenting sponsor of BangShift's 2010 Bonneville coverage. These guys are trying to go 400 mph on gasoline. They rule!

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 - Saturday - Presented by Spectre PerformanceBy Brian Lohnes -- Photos by Spectre Performance Posted 08/15/10

As day two of Bonneville Speed Week 2010 dawned, the Spectre Performance crew saw themselves in line as the first streamliner of the day. Driver and company owner Amir Rosenbaum needed to make a 300mph lap to qualify for his AA license and did with a loping 312mph pass. The team qualified for a new A/BGS record so the car went to impound.

The team made preparations to really start letting the Cadillac engine in the car eat on Sunday and time will tell if their planning and efforts will bear fruit. With the "lazy" 312mph shot down broadway on Saturday we seem to think that blue head-wear will be coming shortly.

Thanks for Spectre Performance for providing these photos to share with you. Chad will be pounding out photos and video starting on Monday morning. Stay tuned, we're just getting the BangShift streamliner of Bonneville Speed Week coverage off of the push truck.

LINK: The Spectre Performance Blog -- lots of cool video and stories!

LINK: Race Results from the SCTA

Gallery LINK: Bonneville Speed Week - Saturday - Presented by Spectre Performance


Guess who was up at 4:30 AM to be first in line for Saturday.
Hint: That’s Speed Demon out front of the Spectre 341 Streamliner.


2010 National BSA Jamboree: Vic Rowberry, JoAnn, Roger Blaylock, Bry Davis


Speed Week 2009

2009 Bonneville Speed Week: It's a Wrap By Chad Posted 08/14/09

As the sun rose on the 7th day of racing at Speed Week 2009, hopes were high among teams, spectators, and SCTA officials alike that we would see a 400-mph measured mile from the Speed Demon streamliner. The Poteet and Main crew were smiling and hopeful, but certainly not cocky given their week-long parts breakage string. As they pushed George Poteet to the line, the crowd got bigger and bigger. The team already had a lock on the Hot Rod Top Time trophy, but Ron Main and George Poteet really wanted it to say 400 rather than their current 394 mph.

It took less than a mile to know the fate of the team as the rearend broke right after the 'liner left the push truck. George was not going to be happy, but at least they still got the trophy. It was a dramatic end to one of the most memorable and hard fought streamliner battles in history. One that included three of the top streamliners in the world, including three time winner Team Nish, tribute team Spirit of Rett, and first time winners Poteet and Main in the Speed Demon. Congratulations to them as well as all the competitors at this years Speed Week.

For complete results of the event, go to the web site of the Southern California Timing Association.


Speed Demon on its way to an aborted pass on the Friday morning of Speed Week


George Poteet, wishing for a 400-mph number on the top time trophy.


Video: We Interview George Poteet after he runs 401 MPH at Bonneville By Chad Posted 08/13/2009

BangShift.com man on the scene Chad Reynolds was at the 7 mile marker on Bonneville's famed speedway, when George Poteet took the Speed Demon D/Fuel Streamliner through the 5 mile at an average of 394 miles per hour with an exit speed of 401 miles per hour. We were right there when the car came to a stop to get all the info and reaction from George. As usual he was cool as a cucumber, and was ready to go faster. This pass has the highest recorded speed of the SCTA's 2009 Speed Week, and was incredible to watch. Check out the video below to see what Poteet and engine builder/tuner Ken Duttweiler had to talk about after this amazing pass. Read More >

George Poteet's Blowfish Sets 291-MPH Record at World of Speed 2009By Brian Lohnes

image0242George Poteet, in the Blowfish Plymouth Barracuda built by Rad Rides by Troy a few years ago, finally set a big record at last week's World of Speed at Bonneville, an event by the Utah Slat Flats Racers Association. The record is 291.841, but George's web site is reporting a top speed of 303 mph!
This is another big accomplishment for the same guy who BangShift Chad blogged about at Bonneville in August when George Poteet and Ron Main set the top time of the week in the Speed Demon streamliner.

See the Hot Rod magazine feature story on Blowfish here.

Here's a wrap of all the BangShift.com coverage throughout the week:

For the Thursday action and photo gallery, click here.

Friday at Speed Week

Saturday at Speed Week

Sunday at Speed Week

Photo Galleries by Scott Clark

Video: In-car camera of a 218-mph pass

Poteet and Main Speed Demon Runs 387 mph

Video: 248-mph Studebaker Blows a Turbo

Video: Take a ride in a 235-mph Corvette

385 mph: Nish Still in the Hunt for Top Speed of the Meet

Speed Demon runs 401-mph exit speed

Video: George Poteet interview after his 401-mph run

Thursday action and photo gallery


Bonneville Speed Week 2010 - Monday -
Presented by Spectre Performance



The boys and girls at Bonneville have stepped on it to start the meat of Speed Week. The Poteet and Main Speed Demon is current top speed holder with a 408mph trip down Broadway. The other highly notable record to fall was the AA/Production mark. It has stood for 16 years and was felled by the Charger Daytona of Texan Lee "The Bartender" Sicillio by 10 mph.


In Chad's gallery you'll see the wonderful mechanical diversity of Bonneville. Old motors in new cars and new motors in old iron. the combinations are numerous, occasionally hilarious, and all inspire the typical gearhead to think harder and go faster.

Long story short, this stuff rules and so does this gallery! Stay tuned for video!


LINK: Bonneville Speed Week 2010

Monday Gallery Image Galleries Click on category to expand

Sunday Gallery

Saturday Gallery

Friday Gallery

LINK: Bonneville Speed Week 2010 Certified Records







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