Newsletter 186 - December 27, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Art Chrisman is in the USC medical center, Bay area metal shaper and master craftsman Jack Hagemann of Alamo California passed away Monday December 6 2010, DEUCE of SPADES - A period hot rod film by Faith Granger, The Wally Bell Show Produced by the Zeus Radio Network for Racers Reunion Radio, Sm Auxier Jr Radio Show; Monday Dec 13th 7-9PM EST, The Meeting Notes for the December Road Runners meeting are now posted on our website, It would be appreciated if you could make it clear that VelocePress owns the rights to ALL of the pre-1970 Clymer publications, Gordon Eliot White has produced another one of his fine books, An interesting and eclectic newspaper that many of the members of the SLSRH subscribe to, 2011 International 36 hp Land Speed Challenge Coming Events Schedule, I did not know much about other resources connecting to Jack Haggeman Senior other than the families of Bob Allinger and Danny Foster, The Sam Auxier Jr Radio Show, Mondays at 7PM EST, I sell lots of books I have done seven books about my life and all are available here at the Museum, Editor’s comments: A reader asked if I received permission to publish a biography that was done commercially and is in a magazine, I can offer my radio show down here in San Diego for call in (responders) to promote the Car Show, Great Lions (Dragstrip) video especially if you know French, Lenny Schaeffer has a hot rod and custom newsletter called Chop Shop, Last time I spoke to you was at my mother's funeral There wasn't much time to get acquainted, So-Cal Speed Shop Founder and Hot Rod Icon Alex Xydias has been named Chairman of the Board of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum presented by Automobile Club of Southern California effective today, I have been selling prints since 1991, The Petersen Automotive Museum January through March 2011 Exhibitions & Events at a Glance, I really appreciate all you do Your father was a very special man, and he would be proud of how you are carrying on the love of Hot Rodding, Thanks for all that you do to help the hot rodding community, The Sam Auxier Jr Show will air in January on the all new Automotive Radio Network, 1951 Indy 500 135 MPH Club Photo with Walt Faulkner, Water colour studies of early dry lake racers

Newsletter 185 - December 10, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Rebecca K. (Becky) Robbins of Pendleton Indiana passed away November 29 2010 at her home after an extended illness, Jack Dolan is in the hospital for tests, Not sure that we responded I have it marked as an action items We would enjoy getting your newsletter, For all of you that raced or went to races in the early years, My Gramps worked at MGM for years and that probably explains why Karl Orr ended up with all the Hilborn car parts that were replaced when my Gramps rebuilt it for him, Blacktop magazine, Rosco McGlashan's Aussie Invader 5R Newsletter for December 2010, As Editor of the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter I thought you might be interested in seeing a painting of Orville (Snuffy) Welchel that I have just completed, From Veloce Publishing; Save the Triumph Bonneville!, Just checking if you knew of this site, I'm forwarding this email to see if you can help Eric De Bord, Tom (Little Red) Hermann wrote and said that his wife Karen Hermann had passed away a few weeks ago from cancer, Attached is my latest If you can make it available to your list I'd appreciate it, Sam Auxier Jr live radio show on Zeus radio every Monday from 7 to 9 PM EST, Well Howdy 2010 proved to have the challenges of growth employment and social cohesion, Reminder for the upcoming El Mirage Clean-up Day, Dates Sent in by Ron Main, Adam Jones must be re-united with his mother, Since a ramjet is something an amateur could design and build themselves from scratch it is a true hot rodder's engine, Thank you for your interest in George Kudasch, Effective for 12 days beginning December 1st Remember to receive prints through standard shipping in time for Christmas you will need to have your order in by December 12, The Chrisman Legacy by Tom Madigan is available from EJJ Enterprises, I want to thank you for your positive remarks regarding our new website for the Old Black Studebaker (OBS) of Junior Thompson’s that started the Gasser Wars, The Petersen Automotive Museum November through March 2011Exhibitions & Events at A Glance, Doug Stokes driving an Eagle, 1928 Car Repair Mailer

Newsletter 184 - December 1, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR season championship, I was doing some bench racing recently over the Internet with a long-time drag racer and announcer extraordinary Jim McCombe, I wanted to drop an email to tell you about our family hot rod the Ray Pyle roadster in the December issue of Hot Rod magazine, Tom Fritz has a website and emailed newsletter depicting his art work, Thank you for your report about the HUSTLER, Sam Auxier Show Monday November 29 2001 7-9PM EST, I was just reading the article you wrote about the Ascot Reunion held at the PAS a few years back, I am a big fan of www.Hotrodhotline.com and really enjoyed your article on the Long Beach Motorama, To you that are not car guys - In California with the carb ruling that passed in the state it will take a lot of the car show guys off the road and ruin the car show business, Please check out my new project, Just wanted to let you and your readers know that James "Skip" Fredrick passed away this last week at the age of 98, For many years I have been attempting to discover the exact location of the old Culver City Board Track, LOS ANGELES, October 14 2010 Vintage Air founder Jack Chisenhall will receive the 2011 Robert E. Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award, LOS ANGELES, October 28 2010 Petersen Automotive Museum is celebrating the opening of the exciting new exhibit, Below is an updated listing of all the 4 cylinder Porsche LSR racers speed history I have been able to discover, The Chrisman Legacy, by Tom Madigan is available from EJJ Enterprises, I wanted to be sure you knew about the Ardun heads being inducted into Hot Rod Magazine's Speed Parts Hall of Fame and George Kudasch finally getting full credit, The following was sent to us by Amanda Taylor of the Gear Grinders Club (SCTA), Sad news today I learned that Glen Ridlen died in Texas of liver failure, Long time Road Runners member Charlie Miller passed away on Tuesday October 12 2010, Following Photos Provided By Dave Wallace

Newsletter 183 - November 18, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Michael and Tara Parks wish to announce the birth of their second son, You might want to ling this page to the next SLSH issue it shows Danny Thompson's crash, We had a fun time with Ed Iskenderian when we were in L.A. a couple weeks ago, ZEUS Drag Racing, Monday November 15, 2010 7-9PM EST, THE CHRISMAN LEGACY is now taking pre-order requests, I noticed Bob Falcon was looking into board track info specifically Culver City, There is an error in the Remington piece regards his joining with the Howard Keck Racing Team, The error appears on page 12, second paragraph that begins with, Impound Insights El Mirage Season Wrap By Dan Warner, I've added the link for the newsreel of the 1934 Gilmore Gold Cup at Mines Field, Irwindale Drag Races 6 November 2010, All the phone numbers that I had for Don Gillespie are no longer working, Automobile Club of Southern California and the Holley NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion have announced new dates for the popular nostalgic weekend festivals, The Sam Auxier Jr Show Monday November 22 2010 7-9PM EST, Not only is Page Jones a Racing Hero he is an extraordinary human being for us all to learn from, I received a call this afternoon from Bob North he said that Tom Shaden's girlfriend called him early this morning and informed him that Tom died this morning at 2:30 am, You've probably already figured by just reading the subject line for this message that newsletters have been paired back to a less frequent reporting interval, You should have been there But you can get the DVD There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, On September 11 2010 a media preview of a new exhibit took place that will become a permanent structure of the Henry Ford Museum located in Dearborn Michigan, I want to let you know that I saw the Deuces Of Spades film at the premier in Fillmore California and it was excellent, Speedway Motors Streamliner The Speedway Motors-sponsored MacKichan & Schulz streamliner ended a 22-year racing career in September with a pair of nearly identical passes at 324 mph and 322 mph, After four years of hard work blood sweat and tears Faith Granger’s Deuce of Spades film is DONE

Newsletter 182 - November 9, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, The November Meet has been canceled due to water still being present on the lake, Jim Kavanagh a Russetta dry lakes racer passed away this week, I think I misspelled Jim Kavanagh's name, Please post this link to event detail page for the movie Deuce of Spades, Bonham & Butterfield is delighted to be back at the Petersen Automotive Museum for another Classic California auction, A good online bike magazine is Tony Colombini’s Black Top magazine, I eventually got a nickname during my travels with the NHRA, I have been looking at your Bonneville photos, Marty: Jim Miller here from the S.C.T.A, This month’s Aussie Invader 5R newsletter, The Sam Auxier Jr Show Live Monday November 8 2010 7PM EST, Anybody out there have any information about an upcoming swap meet at The Pete, What is the day of this event?, To Harold Osmer: The idea to film the WHERE THEY RACED documentary excites me, Concerning Southgate (California) and Southern Speedway, Sam Auxier Jr Show "Interviewing the Greatest Names in Racing.", I actually track old airports as a hobby-but old airports are very closely intermingled with drag strips and even ovals, As you have probably already heard, the November El Mirage meet has been canceled, Film Review; Deuce of Spades Written By: “LandSpeed” Louise Ann Noeth, Book Review by Franklin Ratliff; Athol Graham's City of Salt Lake, the new book by Harvey Shapiro, The following article comes from a 1990 issue of Sports Car International magazine and was sent in by the Fab 50’s a road course racing group that is honoring Phil Remington for his service to road racing.

Newsletter 181 - November 3, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Dexter called this morning after he heard from Rich Whittaker that Scott Ayer passed away, I don't know how many of you have heard but I just got an e-mail from Paula Gross Wathen Ray Gross' daughter Sonny Ates passed away quietly, I responded to a person that emailed me that she was in trouble, As for copyright Floyd Clymer did copyright his publication of Veda’s book in 1949 and as we own the Clymer rights we can legally republish it, Here’s the official definition of Public Domain as it applies to the subject in hand, Underground Racing Lamborghini crashes at Texas Mile driver survives, I am having my Premiere Sunday November 14 2010, I have contacted you many years ago I am trying to trace the current owner of Lee Taylors Hustler, Patterned after The Blue Flame via the Budweiser car Lee Taylor's Discovery II rocket boat was one of the most ambitious and revolutionary projects in the history of record breaking, I’m trying to find out information and photos of this car, Auto racing and the sports playoff mentality, Sam Auxier Jr Show Mondays 7-9PM EST, I owned a 1953 Ford with a 354 Chrysler Firepower Engine from 1968-1970, Yes there are two Walt James' The one I'm referring to was born in Iowa, I would like to publish your paper in my newsletter, The father of organized motorsports Wallace "Wally" G Parks By Gary E Webb, Remember AOC stands for “Agents of Change!”, I hope all went well at Bonneville; I would love to see that event someday, Legends of Ascot-2010, A call for help from Doug Stokes - TOYOTA SPEEDWAY AT IRWINDALE ANNOUNCES OPEN INVITATION, I have not spoken to Lee Kunzman in the last week, Faith Granger is a friend of mine who has worked tirelessly on this film; mostly by herself, I was finally able to get hold of Kenny Sapper for about my Richmond 5 speed trans-axle with the quick change, Good morning Richard Anthony Young has just put the finishing touches on his C / Fuel Rear engined Modified Roadster, Life Article

Newsletter 180 - October 21, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, “How long would you like the book review to be?” A SLSRH member, I totally agree with your editorial about the "Playoff" formats of the racing sanctioning bodies, Please find attached the list of all confirmed Bonneville season records, The Video takes a few seconds to start, To Ron Main: You inspired me to run the salt, Impound Insights El Mirage September 2010 By Dan Warner, I have sent you all of 2010 and I think two from 2009, Congratulations Bruce (Meyer), The Sam Auxier Jr Show Live Monday October 18, Could you pass this on to your readers, I am looking for any material pictures etc on Leonard Abbott, This email was sent to me by a good friend who was in a car club with me up at Whidbey Island, The Sam Auxier Jr Show Live Monday October 25, Long time Road Runners member Charlie Miller passed away on Tuesday October 12 2010, Yes Leonard Abbott was involved in drag racing, Bean Bandits Joaquin Arnett Memorial Celebration

Newsletter 179 - October 14, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Jackie Arnett sent in the following photographs on her late father Joaquin Arnett, Nice write up by Blanca Gonzale, “Please send me info on this upcoming event, Dave Selway has been a lifelong friend and I wanted to give him some notoriety, I just learned of the Great Bandit’s passing, I just received this very important note from Brian Brennan editor of Street Rodder Magazine please read and heed then pass it to every car enthusiast you know, I'm sending this email out to all of my friends inviting them to our annual charity Halloween Party THE BASH, Luckily for me through The Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter I may have a chance of getting some information that may not have been available anywhere for me, For those who are interested in the early days of drag racing in California, Chris Economaki is celebrating his 90th birthday, I have been trying to find out exactly where the former Culver City Board Speedway was located, This year's Carrera California will take place November 13-14 2010 with our overnight at Stanlund’s in Borrego Springs, Hi Waldo I'm wrestling with a wheel and tyre problem, Hot News from MSRA Tour Committee Chairman Bob Caviasca, Shane Hmiel of Pleasant Garden NC USAC’s “Most Improved Driver of 2009 incurred critical injuries in a single-car accident during qualifying for Saturday night’s “Sumar Classic 100” USAC Silver Crown race, Live radio show on Monday October 11 2010 from 7-9PM EST, Thanks for sending this inquiry and please pass this response on to Spencer Simon, I am Bob Choisser in Vacaville we've corresponded in the past about the old days of racing, Your book reviews of my books are still running in the www.HotRodHotLine.com on-line publication and I greatly appreciate it, Steve Fossett's 900 mph Jet-Powered Car on Sale for $3 Million, Harvey Shapiro has written an excellent new book about Athol Graham, Finally here are the top speed results for the 2010 World of Speed held at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September

Newsletter 178 - October 8, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Here is the info on my dad's service, I just found out that the New Bean Bandits are going to have a Memorial for Joaquin Arnett, By Keith Thursby Los Angeles Times September 30 2010, The important thing for me is to make certain that our SLSH readers aren't swayed by this writer’s thoughts which are inaccurate, See Janniro win this Inland Motorcycle Speedway Scratch Heat and interviews on the imsspeedway YouTube Channel, Thought I would check with you to possibly learn where the material I sent earlier is now posted, The Rosco McGlashan Aussie Invader 5R Newsletter is now available for October 2010, A short while ago a few people contacted me to say that a story was in the current issue of Street Rodder magazine that mentioned my name a few times, I just sent you an e-mail with more specifics after our conversation yesterday, Honda Hawk By Dick Keller, Newsletter #177 published a reference to a 1982 article from the Tri City Herald written by a staff member of the Western Reserve Historical Society, I just posted the following narrative on the Road Runners Group Page on Facebook, The following was sent in by Jack Dolan, So far the only TV Commercial I have seen is a negative vote on California Proposition 23 because of those big bad oil companies, Here's a chance for the whole family to visit the Los Alamitos Military base admission is free, On Saturday October 16 the Roundabout Restaurant at the Route 1 traffic circle in Portsmouth New Hampshire will feature their first cruise, The Sam Auxier Jr Show Live Monday October 11 2010 at 7PM EST

Newsletter 177 - October 1, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, The Chino Police Department is investigating the death of Timothy L. Woods 64 of Harbor City, Lenny Woods was found dead at his California Ford dealership after committing suicide he was 64 years old, Editor’s notes: The following emails have been received concerning the passing of Bean Bandit car club founder Joaquin Arnett, Saturday October 2 2010 Leslie Long is organizing a Santa Ana Drags and Main Malt Shop, Reunion, Thanks! That will definitely get me going on the right "track", I received the following message from Ed Justice Jr. from the Justice Publishing Co regarding a new book by Tom Madigan called "The Chrisman Legacy - Always Faster", Kathy Weida with All American Racers forwarded your email regarding the Santa Ana Drags Reunion this Saturday, Editor’s notes: I received a message from Captain Ed Ballinger that he is going to be on the Wally Bell Radio show on October 27 2010, LandSpeed Louise Ann Noeth sent in a copy of her article that was published in the October issue of the Good Guys Gazette, Every week I post the Scratch Main event from Costa Mesa on my speedwayzar YouTube Channel, Please share this information with your readers, Crawford collection and the Crawford family found a safe and secure home for their collection, I'm an old Santa Ana Drags person, Thinking ahead to our reprint of the Veda Orr book I would like to know if you are aware of any errors in the book that needs to be corrected, Sidewinders Club (SCTA) 2010 Picnic Sunday October 3 2010 11:30 to 5:00, A fellow hot rodder from Japan has posted this photo in one of his Facebook albums, Trailer for 50min documentary, produced by Brian Leckey, Pictures we have received to date from Bud Lang

Newsletter 176 - September 23, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Here's pictures of the Joe Reath tees, Saturday October 2 2010 Leslie Long is organizing a Santa Ana Drags and Main Malt Shop Reunion, I think I know where this is at however could I get some directions or a map, Tomas Leijon and Jonas Romblad raced their car Dreamliner III in Falkenberg in 1996, You make no mention of Pat Berardini is he going to be there, Thanks for your information but I'll still be in Germany, Wish I could make the journey to California for the event, I have heard that about 400 miles per hour but consider that a misnomer, Perhaps the images were too big, On Saturday September 11 2010 a Celebration of Life was held in Newport Beach California to honor the life of Mari F Palash, The September El Mirage results are now posted on our Results/Points/ Standings webpage, Do You have Jim Millers email address, Here are some scans of the research I did on Santa Ana Airport and the drag strip, I joined Petersen Publishing Company (PPC) in the Fall of 1959, As you're probably aware I'm sort of in the dark right now, Corrected copy of the Road Runners September minutes attached, We are preparing the ACK Attack for the upcoming Loctite Presents Mike Cook Motorsports Land Speed Shootout, Jerry Cornelison received word from Faith Granger that her movie The Deuce of Spades is finally finished after 44 months of hard work, Evelyn Roth has a new website, Just a quick reminder that the Legends of Ascot is back inside the hall again this year, I have some B/W pictures I took in 1969 of John Beaudoin's Hustler jet boat, This idea of a new type of airplane has been forming in my head for a couple of years now as it would not leave me alone, A young Louie Senter took some laps in Swede Lindskog's midget at the old Southern Speedway aka Southern Ascot before WWII, Louie Senter is a hands on guy. He's seen playing with the Jim Hurtubise Mallard at OMS in September '71.

Newsletter 175 - September 15, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Mary Davis wife of Willie Davis was taken to Clarian West hospital Sunday morning, Saturday October 2 2010 Leslie Long is organizing a Santa Ana Drags and Main Malt Shop Reunion, The movie you are looking for is “The Barefoot Contessa” with Ava Gardner and Humphrey Bogart around 1/1/1954, This is an excerpt from the video Howie Raz" filmed at the Racers Reunion, Looks like the weather at El Mirage will be nice this weekend, Again I enjoyed reading it I would like to see future issues Is that possible?, We were wondering if you might have any contacts for land speed archival footage, My Dad raced motorcycles in the late 1950’s and ‘60’s in Orange and Los Angeles counties, A good friend of mine (John Abbott of Colorado) just contacted me about an upcoming drag meet at or about the old Santa Ana drag stripe, World of Speed Caravan to the Salt: Tuesday morning we will meet at 8:30 am at BC Autoworks, I have had a fellow ask me about a Curtis midget called Burbank Goat that was supposedly powered by a Drake/Harley, I got an answer from Jim Miller yesterday as well on Charles Beck's record setting SCTA streamliner from 1942, The following persons have had email returned to me as invalid addresses or whose server is no longer receiving my email messages and therefore have been dropped from my records, Phil Burgess did an extensive article; first with my brother then with my hubby, Stepping back a few columns to our discussion of pins (I had shown you a photo sent by Chuck Rearick of the earliest NHRA member pin) but he's not the only one with one of them in his collection, The Brits won't be running anything for a couple of year; that is if they can raise the $35 million dollars they need to build the Bloodhound, I'm going to try to make the Santa Ana Drags Reunion, I believe you are aware that I once was a partner with Curt Hamilton when we created Cal Automotive and manufactured lots of fiberglass auto bodies and parts, Check out this site for the early days of drag racing in our area, Oilstick.com has kept a few of my old car racers newsletters, In my opinion an ejection seat system in a land speed car is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, My capsule on Sonic Wind the ice racer is made of reinforced aluminum wrapped with ballistic fiberglass, Any one got room for a photographer and a bike to Bonneville wednesday or late tues night from the SF bay area, Charlie's car may look like a '40s rod but it’s an early 60's custom with 331 Chrysler Hemi 6 Stromberg 97 Chevy 55 interior boat steering wheel and a handmade Du Valle window etc, This is a link to the site for the Dreamliner III (built and raced by Jonas Romblad and Tomas Leijon) whom I met while doing security patrols at Black Rock Desert in 1997, I have a few glossy pics in my photo albums and scanned those

Newsletter 174 - September 9, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, All credit goes to my girlfriend Heidi Helman right now, The Miller car, that won the Hot Rod Class at Pebble Beach is now on display at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, This is Patty Striegel from Clay Smith Cams, Can you tell me how many surviving SCTA High Points race cars exist as we saw the great pre-WWII #3 Edelbrock (Vic Sr) Roadster High Points car at Monterey, I’ll pass this along to my erstwhile way-back-then-and-to-this-day friend (Jim Price) who is much more knowledgeable about Russetta and who served as vice president one year for the Pacesetters, I was wondering how many High Points SCTA Championship cars are surviving and not regarding Pebble Beach, I'm one of the current owners of the ECTA, By what means do I become a member of the “Society of Land Speed Racing Historians?", Spencer Simon: Thank you for your many bits of interesting rodding histor, Hello Fellow Kustom Car Enthusiasts here is the first picture of the first perpetual trophy solely created for Kustoms builders, I am trying to remember what I can of the Pacesetters, Good news Lee Kunzman was released from the hospital Saturday morning, Fourteen named to Nat'l Midget Auto Racing HoF, Today I received an email from Dick Beith confirming he will be bringing his new 36hp VW Comp Coupe to World of Speed, My name is Hans Lundholm and I've been trying to get some information about the whereabouts of Charles Beck's record setting SCTA streamliner from 1942 (131.96 mph), It was you (Don Garlits) Ed Almquist and my friend Jim Palmer that helped made the discovery happen through the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletters, Burly Burlile sends this report on the September USFRA Bonneville meet, Can you let affected club members know about this road closure, Editor’s notes: The following story was submitted by Lynn McCoy, The following bio on Walt James comes from the website http://www.wagtimes.com/lostwaltj.html.

Newsletter 173 - September 9, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Andy Green sent me this update on the unlimited land speed run for the new Bloodhound, The Miller car that won the Hot Rod Class at Pebble Beach is now on display at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona California and will be here for about 6 months, I had the same thing happen with my computer and now my outlook files are over a year old and not even close to correct, Readers: The editor asks you from time to time about your interests and reports it back in the newsletter, Aussie Invader Newsletter for September 2010 is now on-line, What did you have in mind for me to help involve my participation for your newsletters, I spotted the Fremont drag strip jacket at the Sacramento swap meet on March 1 2010, My background is building street cars then a dirt track car while in high school, I want to thank each of you for your help in my upcoming article on the history of the SCTA, It is a year now since Dad has been gone and it sure isn't the same without the Reunions and the various gatherings, I'm a former funny car driver most of the info you lost can be found on Google, I thought you might enjoy seeing the coverage of Bud Meyer's 92nd birthday party, I was at the National Automotive History Collection (world’s largest collection of automotive history in the world) today and asked if they happened to have the book by Veda Orr, Here is the video that I took while I was in the push truck, I am glad you were able to speak to Dave about the upcoming publications, I copied and pasted directly from the USFRA website, I probably ended up on your mailing list due to being an automotive journalist, Readers: The following report comes from Ernie and Elaine Nagamatsu, To Ernie and Elaine Nagamatsu; Hold your head high my friend, Chuck and my dad were like many others of that era, Thank you both and also to Will and Bill for your commitment and effort toward bringing the Spurgin/Giovanine roadster back to its 1948 glory, What a wonderful reunion of all of us and the Spurgin-Giovanine pearl, I worked at Gordon Schroeder's machine shop in Burbank California for a few months when I was building the first 4 cam small block Chevy engine for Mickey Thompson, Editor’s notes: Patrick McGuire has a great historical article on the origins of Wil-Cap and the founders, Salt Of The Earth story by Joseph Babias, Casey Hill is my name we have run at B/Ville El Mirage and Lake Gairdner, I emailed Jim Price and you should be hearing from him soon, The following is picture of my Granddaughter, Structural Integrity & Safety of a Land Speed Record Car

Newsletter 172 - August 26, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, I have some very sad news EJ just called me to say that Ed Kowalski passed away today, Hi do you mind please sending everyone on your e-list a reminder to come out to "Cruisin' For A Cure" on Saturday September 25, Editor’s notes: The following is a response to Ed Justice’s question about the mystery car, I write in response to what you posted from Mike Kacsala in issue number 169 of your newsletter, I'm writing an article about the history of the SCTA for Kustoms and Hot Rod magazine, I'm selling "Tribute to Joe Reath" tee shirts as you know, The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will host two NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series national events, Editor’s notes: A letter was received by a Save the Crawford member who asked that his email be pulled back for the time being, Bonneville and land speed racing signs, Editor’s notes: Again the writer asked me to remove his email and the knowledge therein after my response to him was written, Tommy Ivo will be televised live from inside his home this coming Sunday August 29, I just want to let you know that Bob and I are working on a short story for you to use on your website, For the record as well as I can recall I worked for Ted Evans Triumph-Ariel in Venice California in1956, Is the Tom Medley gig the same as the Throttler’s picnic?, I dropped by Deering Industries today and Mitch the owner, offered to sell some of the shirts at his shop, Everything is looking great for this year's World of Speed to be held at the Bonneville Salt Flats between Wednesday September 15, The following schedule for 2011 was sent in by Burly Burlile, Here's a couple of photos of the shirts, I just wanted to let you know that we have 500+ pictures from Bonneville so if you wanted to mention in the newsletter, To Ron Main: Some great photos from Bonneville, Ron Main sent in a notice from eBay that Art Arfon’s Green Monster was up for sale on the auction site, Vintage Promotional Video: Andy Granatelli Setting Records in a 1963 Avanti at Bonneville, The video is of a 100% stock Avanti on pump gasoline, I read a correspondence to Dennis aXe Sylvia on some film footage on a test done at Whiteman airpark, Dave Argabright has written a new book on Speedy Bill Smith, The following comes from Burly Burlile and may have run in the SLSRH previously but several computer malfunctions have left independent records and emails unaccounted for, Here is a friend of mine checking out my full Titanium aircraft probably fuel tank, News from down under, I recently finished two books, Frank Genco here I'm an old drag racer I ran the first Winter Nationals in 1961, Juan Manuel Lozano has a very interesting website, I was the past crew chief for Ernest Nagamatsu's race team, Count me in Thanks Mike Manghell, This email address is for Dana and Jeff DesRosier, I think the car was originally conceived of by Harlan Fengler, Here's a link to a great batch of photos taken at Pebble Beach by an Australian HAMBer Jimmy B, I have been in Bonneville but it was not during the speed week I would love to go one day, September 18 2010 the Capitol Concours Tour d’Elegance Sacramento California, To Ron Main and George Poteet: Congratulations to you and your team for 2010 Hot Rod Magazine Trophy, Pat Garlits wife of Don Garlits is recovering from a recent illness, Sonny Ates had a stroke yesterday and is in the hospital Dr doesn't think it was a bad one he knew me and the girls last night they asked him what year it was and he didn't know they asked him who the president was and he told them they all looked like ladies and he didn't want to say that in front of them, Whiteman Airpark had the circle track put on it first and CRA races were ran, Gull Wing once driven by John Fitch at Bonneville

Newsletter 171 - August 26, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, My friendship with Mari Palash spanned 43 years, I just returned from a couple of days at Bonneville for the annual SCTA/BNI SpeedWeek and the salt was in excellent condition, BONNEVILLE ACCOMMODATIONS, submitted by Burley Burlile, BONNEVILLE COMFORT CAUTIONS; by Burley Burlile, Tom Madigan has a new book out on the Chrisman family, Cruisin' for a Cure in September at the Orange County Fairgrounds, Tom Medley celebration in October, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot reunion is October 23 at Perris Automotive Speedway, Faith Granger is almost finished with her film Deuce of Spades, Santa Ana Drags Reunion October 2 10am Santiago Park in Orange, California Hot Rod Reunion October 15-17 Famoso Raceway tickets at museum or call NHRA, Curt Wallin is looking for interviews stories and facts on endurance racer Ab Jenkins, Evelyn Roth just posted some very old and valuable photos of the Santa Maria drag strip, For racing biographies book and movie reviews see www.hotrodhotline.com, Harry Pallenberg is producing a video on Harold Osmer's books, Mari Palash and William Galvan passed away recently, Editor’s notes on upcoming events and issues, Would you please include Cruzin’ for Life http://www.cruzinforlife.net/ in your listing for September, Editor’s notes: More treasures from the archives that I thought were lost in the computer crash, Here's Bill Pitts' video record of "Smirnoff" as it was found in Daryl Greenamyer’s 'hideaway', Questions have been asked about using TDE tail pipes in Stone Stock category engines, Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer are in the process of creating a documentary based on the research that Osmer did for his books on early auto racing in Southern California, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23, A quick note to let you know the Blackline 57 site is active again with video in the 2010 Plans Intake section area up and running, The Ab Jenkins and the Mormon Meteor III documentary is looking for more information on the Meteor III and Ab Jenkins Documentary, Editor's notes: This message was sent out on 9 July 2010, but my computer was not working, Tom Medley Shindig; Join us for a medley of laughs and a few more stories honoring our witty friend Tom "Stroker McGurk" Medley, Jack; Mike Waters gave me your name as the person who might be able to help me, Faith Granger is looking for sponsors for her hot rodding movie Deuce of Spades, http://flatoutpress.com/ is the correct web address for Flat Out Press, 11th Annual Cruisin' For a Cure is coming up on September 25, Go to this link http://www.edjusticejr.com/falcon.htm and check out the photos I just picked-up, I wonder of you or any of the other folks who are part of this group can help, Great to hear from you and thanks for the information, The following was taken from www.oiccam.com, HotRod HotLine wrote: Hi Bill I will send your request to Richard Parks as it was Richard who did the article and he may have the information you need, Current SCTA Road Runners club records, recorded and sent in by Jerry Cornelison, Attached photos by Franklin Ratliff, October 1990

Newsletter 170 - August 17, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Billy Galvan was one of dad's good friends, William "Billy" Manuel Galvan 1927 to 2010, To Betty Packard More bad news Tom Smith from Idaho passed away the weekend of June 13th, Many of us have known Karen over these many years and now our hearts and prayers go out to her and her family, Lee's recovery is on-track, Leroy ”The Israeli Rocket" Goldstein biography by Chris Carlton and Pete Ward, The Ab Jenkins and the Mormon Meteor III documentary is looking for more information on the Meteor III and Ab Jenkins Documentary, I have been uploading different photographs this past week, Report On Automotive History Expo by Bob Falcon, Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer are in the process of creating a documentary based on the research that Osmer did for his books on early auto racing in Southern California, An interesting article on Sanford Dragway is in the June 2010 issue of the Chop-Shop Customs Newsletter, This is my nephew and shows pictures of my Dad from his early midget days Danny Foster in the Miss Peps and my nephew and his son, Go look at www.target550.com, The following letter was sent to Jack Underwood and Bob Webb of the Gear Grinders on 13 August 2010 and is a description of the fodding effort undertaken at Black Rock Desert in 1997, I am glad to hear you're doing well, I was getting caught up on the newsletters today had a thought, Impound Insights El Mirage May 2010 By Dan Warner, Impound Insights El Mirage June 2010 By Dan Warner, Impound Insights El Mirage July 2010 By Dan Warner, We were scheduled to have another hearing this Wednesday August 18th in Los Angeles but once again the county has postponed the hearing, Please provide information for the purchase of Al Drake's publication Portland Pictorial 1950's, The following link was sent in by Paul Hamilton Bill Schultz and Nancy Cirino and comes from John Ewald's WeDidItForLove and Champion Speed Shop websites, Tom Madigan has a new book out on the Chrisman family, Joel Embick sent in the following link to a French website that has footage of early drag racing at Lions, My uncle was Tommy Thickstun who invented the Thickstun manifold and was mentioned in Albert Drake’s book “Flat Out, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23, 2010 at Perris Auto Speedway on the county fairgrounds below the dam, Tribute night at the Petersen Automotive museum Wednesday November 10, Editor's notes: Sometimes we fail to get a phone number or email address and sometimes the caller forgets I want you to know that we tried to find the right Tom Kelley and reached another Tom Kelley instead, We’ve had a request for more information on the BUB team, Road Runners "representing" well at Bonneville, The following came from www.oilstick.com official site for the Gold Coast Roadster and Racing club and the Mendenhall Gas Pump Museum in Buellton California, I am sending this forward to inform you and 'in hopes' that all your historical notes and 'stuff' that you have in your garages...does not end up in the trashcan after you leave our world, Isn't this a listing of all the members of the Hall of Fame, Tom Medley Shindig; Join us for a medley of laughs and a few more stories honoring our witty friend Tom "Stroker McGurk" Medley, Faith Granger is looking for sponsors for her hot rodding movie Deuce of Spades, Bonneville Update by Jerry Cornelison (on-site at Bonneville), 11th Annual Cruisin' For a Cure is coming up on September 25.

Newsletter 169 - August 17, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, The following article came from MSN.com. I'm not sure if you've heard that Mari Palash passed away July 3rd, Hall of Fame open wheel announcer Jack Miller passed away 6 August 2010, Lee's condition did not change significantly over the weekend, Ed Justice Jr wants to let everyone know that you can learn more about the new Tom Madigan book on the famed Chrisman family, Moldy Marvin sent along news of a car show and event scheduled for July 24, For all those fellow car enthusiasts that are unable to attend this year’s "Car Week" on the Monterey Peninsula, They are in the steps of resurrecting The Alternate, This month’s Aussie Invader 5R newsletter is now available to read online, My father Doug Spence passed away last week at age 82, I hope this web site is still working, Some time ago I contacted you (not sure how I got to you) looking for any information about Dave Kent and his shop Kent Racing in the Los Angeles (Hawthorne) area, I’m still a Gear Grinder, The following are replies to my request for updated records to help me in transitioning to my new computer, We are working towards trying to print a new issue of The Alternate, Great website! My dad was Nellie Taylor, I am featuring Ford Thunderbirds at the September 19 2010 Capitol Concours d'Elegance in Sacramento California, I work with a chap by the name of Peter Evans he was telling me of his father that (according to what his mother told him) used to 'mess around with hot rods and flat head V8s, The 2010 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on Aug. 15 is paying tribute to Alfa Romeo, My buddy Frank Morawski and I will be showing the Fred Carrillo '27 roadster at Pebble Beach next month, LA County North Agency "Heal Our Neighborhoods" Fund Raiser Schedule 2010, I attended the Bent Axels Car Show in Santa Maria July 17th and Sam Flowers was there, The oldest Mercedes still on the road today is being driven 1,500 miles to compete in the 2010 Pebble Beach Concours, Do you have any shots on Chris Carr and Dennis Manning, Editor’s notes: The following was sent in by David Walker, Check out this Garlits video, I'd like to start planning interviews, Road Runners meeting Tuesday 13 July 2010 7pm, Road Runners At Bonneville Speed Week 2010, Dave Bennett is busy working on his Henry J Build, Everyone's 36hp and big block air cooled VW projects are coming along well, Michael Kacsala sent in the following video on the Spurgin/Giovanine roadster, This engine was sold out of the Crawford Collection last fall at the Hershey auction, Hello I am Carlo Berardini son of the late Tony Berardini and nephew of Pat.

Newsletter 168 - June 29, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer are in the process of creating a documentary based on the research that Osmer did for his books on early auto racing in Southern California, Thank you for the updates and keep them coming, Please add Eric Nichols to your list, As far as I know there has been no provision made to make the book available through those museums, Is Louise Noeth doing the land speed writing for the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians Newsletter, We are honored to be included on this list, Giant vintage car show comes to Long Beach By Karen Robes Meeks, For Sale: Historic photo collection, Please add me to your list I have a good sized racing museum for sale, June 13 2010 El Mirage Results of the Road Runners car club and July Start Positions, Thank you for keeping me on your list I enjoy the updates, Life magazine 1945 El Mirage article on pages 86-88, Car Show July 10 and 11 2010 If you haven't signed up yet there is still time to get your entry photo into our printed program if you do so right away, Thanks for the newsletter update I have been working on the Automotive X Prize, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23 2010 at Perris Auto Speedway, Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer are in the process of creating a documentary based on the research that Osmer did for his books on early auto racing in Southern California, The Literature Fair 2010 will be held at the Automobile Driving Museum, The Ab Jenkins and the Mormon Meteor III documentary is looking for more information on the Meteor III and Ab Jenkins Documentary, NASCAR Pioneer Raymond Parks Dies Was he related to Wally Parks, If you mean Lee Chapel's Tornado then yes my father built the aluminum body on the car, Last year we did a show you might like with Parnelli Jones all about his early racing career the great turbine car STP mystery and more, thought you might be interested in a new book I just published on the 219 Studebaker of Bruce Geisler, From VW's to streamliners the Treit and Davenport Streamliner, Here are some old films, Join us for a medley of laughs and a few more stories honoring our witty friend Tom "Stroker McGurk" Medley, Faith Granger is looking for sponsors for her hot rodding movie Deuce of Spades, 11th Annual Cruisin' For a Cure is coming up on September 25, Traditional roadster dragracing like they did in the early 1950's at Raceway Park, #55 Roadster on an oval track course remembering the roadster racing of the early 1950's, Traditional roadster on the highway notice the club name Oilers on the back, Since Courtney Glover was the inaugural SCEDA, Mickey Thompson logo, ARP logo, SCEDA logo.

Newsletter 167 - June 10, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, The following comes from Dan MacPherson and members of the Tom Rice Automotive Machine Shop, To us old-timers "All Pro Line Backer" Les Richter will forever be the face of Riverside Raceway, Today marked the 20th anniversary of my quintuple by-pass surgery, Learned last night that Ed Pink was released from the hospital yesterday, I either speak to or see Ed Pink nearly every day and am happy to report he is doing better, The following bio information was sent in by Betty Packard, In May I promised the details for ordering this book, 40th Antique Nationals, Doug Stokes wrote a commentary for the June 2010 issue of Autowriters Newsletter, Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer are in the process of creating a documentary based on the research that Osmer did for his books on early auto racing in Southern California, A little more History about the RENEGADES OF LONG BEACH, Who's got the collections for sale? I'm interested, We get compliments Department, I am curious to know if anyone out there has any pictures or info about the Drags at Saugus California in the early 1950's, The following comes from Autowriters Newsletter June 2010, Henry Ford Museum plans $15M auto racing exhibit, I just back from the Goodguys up at Indy yes it did rain very hard, We've put the new piece on YouTube, My book on the Breedlove/Arfons rivalry and generally on the LSR in the period 1960-66 is now on Amazon, Wish there could be more information about Northern California drivers and events, Chop-Shop Customs is having an open house on June 19, Greetings and thanks for your continuing hard work with the newsletter, To Curt Wallin I suggest you look up my book, Ron Main sent in a notice that there will be an article on the Poteet and Main Speed Demon, The Literature Fair 2010 will be held at the Automobile Driving Museum, The Ab Jenkins and the Mormon Meteor III documentary is looking for more information on the Meteor III and Ab Jenkins Documentary, Where they raced a documentary on Southern California racing tracks that are no longer here is a joint effort of Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer and they are looking for sponsorship to finish this worthwhile dvd, Several valuable automotive and racing memorabilia collections have come up for sale, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23, Tom Medley Shindig; Join us for a medley of laughs and stories honoring our witty friend Tom "Stroker McGurk" Medley, Faith Granger is looking for sponsors for her hot rodding movie Deuce of Spades, The L.A. Roadster Show and Swap Meet is June 19-20, 11th Annual Cruisin' For a Cure is coming up on September 25, My car at speed ElMirage June 13

Newsletter 166 - June 10, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, It is with deep regret that I pass along the bad news we have lost Clarence "Mutt" Anderson, Last night I spoke with Stewart (Lee Kunzman's nephew) and learned why, I went to check on Ron Burton this morning who was here at Methodist Hospital but he was released to go home after his heart catheter last Friday, I have some sad news Tom Price past away yesterday at the age of 75, Please do not come to the hearing regarding Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park scheduled for this Wednesday June 9, Raffi Minasian just sent me the final draft of his article on Beast III and I'm attaching the file, I had an e-mail from Andy Granatelli and he said he knows nothing about the car, I thought the group may be interested in this announcement and may perhaps be able to help, WHERE THEY RACED will be the definitive documentary film on the history of auto racing in Los Angeles, Just a couple of notes on news I hope you will find noteworthy, It has taken about three years to settle out Danny Oake's estate, Road Runner Meeting Notes Tuesday June 8th 7pm at the Ed Martin Garage, The Literature Fair 2010 will be held at the Automobile Driving Museum, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23, a photo by Scot Harig of Talor Burns Tennessee big block VW Ghia after going 125 mph at Maxton, North Carolina, The Goodnight-Keith-Williamson AA/GD~Mid 1960's DVD was produced in 2008 by Jamie Jackson, The Sculpture for the 1/16 Scale "SPEED DEMON" is now complete and will now go to Collectibles to start making the Limited Edition

Newsletter 165 - June 2, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Don Marshall ran a gas Harley/Davidson (HD) at the Charlestown Rhode Island drags at the naval station during a once a month meet, I have just launched a new website devoted to paying tribute to and information about those racers who died while in pursuit of land speed records, 1939-2010 A Richard Dixon was born on May 27 1939 in Mt. Pleasant Utah He died on May 16 2010 at his home in Wendover Utah at the age of 70 following a courageous battle with ALS, I want to thank you so much; you will never know how much this car means to me, Thanks for the heads up on the Annual Literature Fair to be held at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo on June 27 2010, I am curious to know if anyone out there has any pictures or info about the Drags at Saugus California in the early 1950's, I think you ought to check your source on the SAH Literature Faire, BUB motorcycle website for upcoming Bonneville meet, The Antique Nationals are next weekend at Fontana, Rosco McGlashan Aussie Invader Land Speed Record Newsletter June 2010, I just got back from California and was able to see both my granddaughters graduate as Doctor's, Happy Memorial Day Road Runners This is a reminder for our June Membership Meeting, I am trying to research the history of a Studebaker race car that was last run at the Indianapolis 500 race as a promotional stunt in 1962, For the first few years the barracks at the Wendover Airport were "The Bend in the Road" for racers, This is a picture of Lee Sperling's 1933 Ford roadster just as it has always been since he bought it in the early sixties, I've read with some interest the information that you have published in your newsletter about what is going on with the Crawford Museum, The Literature Fair 2010 will be held at the Automobile Driving Museum 610 Lairport Street El Segundo California, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23 2010 at Perris Auto Speedway on the county fairgrounds below the dam, Harry Pallenberg and Harold Osmer are in the process of creating a documentary based on the research that Osmer did for his books on early auto racing in Southern California, Barrett/Jackson Orange County Collector car auction at the Orange County Fair and Events Center Costa Mesa California, Speed Demon 2010 Fastest Turbocharged car, Pancho Barnes - Woman Aviator & ties to Dr. Craig Byrne. Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010, 9:43 PM

Newsletter 164 - May 21, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Michael and Tara Parks have just informed us that they are expecting their second child, In the event you haven't heard yet great nitro tuner and even nicer guy Don Marshall of the King & Marshall team passed away yesterday in Florida, Greg Falconer died a couple of months ago and we are going to have some celebration for him at the August Long Beach Race, I have available for sale a collection of Legion Ascot Speedway sprint car racing programs, Thank you for this heads-up on the Mickey Thompson panel discussion, I have spent and looked all over the internet and in books for the past 2 years for some information on and about the wheels and rims used on the 1959 Mickey Thompson's Challenger 1, There will be an open house at Chop-Shop Customs on June 19, 2010 marks a seminal year in the history of Volkswagen motorsports as this year is the fiftieth anniversary of the very first speed record ever set by a Volkswagen, Happy Start of Racing Season Fellow Road Runners and Friends, My late father use to drag race for a good 30 years out of Saginaw Michigan as the Neumann Bros, Betty Packard's granddaughter Hope Jackson did well in the 'Dancing with the Stars' University dancing competition, The following story was sent to us by Dave Boul´┐Ż, art work on the Indy 500, I will be at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club in Detroit Michigan this weekend displaying my wares with other artists, Rockabilly Rod Reunion at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, The following information is sent to us courtesy of the Fabulous Fifties by Ginny Dixon and Art Evans, Gone Racin'...Wally Parks; Hot Rodding's Hero by The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), Gone Racin'…Ab & Marvin Jenkins The Studebaker Connection and the Mormon Meteors by Gordon Eliot White.

Newsletter 163 - May 14, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, President's Corner, Editorials, Chris Kyle McCrary Coffin 87 of Avon passed away May 2 2010, I would like to invite you to join us for a panel discussion celebrating the life and achievements of Mickey Thompson, More responses to the Mickey Thompson event at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, The purpose of this message is to bring a semblance of fact to rumors now circulating regarding the "Cancellation" of the SoCal Chapter of The Society of Automotive Historians (SAH) Annual Literature Fair, To Wes Potter: What's the latest on the Mormon Meteor, It sounds that you are going to have a great time there at the Mickey Thompson meet this coming week, I got your message regarding a person named George Tuttle, Just an update for your records on the Miller Cooper Corvette that held the A.L.S.R set on November 19 1961 at Bakers Beach in Northern Tasmania, I will not be able to attend the Mickey Thompson event, The following letter was copied to the newsletter, The distance and time of the year are going to prevent me coming for this event, May 29-30 2010 Rockabilly Rod Reunion at the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, I hope to be at your event for Mickey Thompson on Saturday May 15th and yes you are both very welcome to come to my home to look at my Archives any time you wish, Per your instructions I have included 4 recent photos of the car plus I have the following information about the car, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23 2010 at Perris Auto Speedway on the county fairgrounds below the dam, Gone Racin'...In Shadow of the Devil; A Saga of Retaining Values in a World Gone Mad by Lynn Wineland, Gone Racin'… Roaring Roadsters The Road to Indy by Dick Wallen, Street Rodder 2009 Bonneville - Salt Shaker

Newsletter 162 - May 6, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, I talked to Zeke Zackersen this morning, I received an email from Tony Thacker Executive Director of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum about a very special event hosted by Banks Power, Mailbox Responses to the Mickey Thompson testimonial at the museum on May 15, You've done quite a masterful job maintaining historical archives and research on America's enduring and long running love affair with speed and performance technology, 2010 marks a seminal year in the history of Volkswagen motorsports as this year is the fiftieth anniversary of the very first speed record ever set by a Volkswagen, The Aussie Invader Land Speed Record Newsletter for May 2010 is now available, We're official now and out there on the world wide web, New mini-video by "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, I did a photo at the Gas-Up that I want to get to someone involved with Walsh/Walsh and Cusack roadster, How can we get copies of John Chambard's Teenage Experience, Friends of the Challenge World of Speed 2010 will be a special year for the 36hp Challenge as well as all of the air and water cooled VW's running in the 130 Mile Per Hour Club event, The 6th Annual Norwood Arena Reunion Norwood Massachusetts is set for Sunday June 6, Extremely Rare 1935 three window Ford Coupe Street Rod, Don Weaver's Legends of Ascot Reunion will be held on October 23 2010 at Perris Auto Speedway on the county fairgrounds below the dam, The following news comes from the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles California, I write "Suzy's Scrapbook" a social column that appears in National Dragster once a month, Gone Racin'...The Road Ahead; the Automobile Club of Southern California 1900-2000 by Kathy Talley-Jones and Letitia Burns O'Connor, Gone Racin'…Hot Rodder! From Lakes to Street an oral history by Albert Drake, Teague Bentley Model A Roadster Sent in by Alan Fogliadini, This is the car that I am trying to find the history on for my mate Greg Kentwell, Collectible 1/16 scale models of the Speed Demon and photographs of the original car

Newsletter 161 - April 29, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Don Baker a former Road Runner passed away 4/19/2010, The Passing of Kenney "The Action Man" Goodell, I would like to invite you to join us for a panel discussion celebrating the life and achievements of Mickey Thompson: First American to 400 presented by Banks Power, Spring Shakedown Cruise, The following report was sent to us by Dave Crouse, The following appears to be an excellent way to get around while at car shows and events, How do I become a member of the Society of Land Speed Racing Historians, Back in the 1950's I was gathering materials for my 1932 Ford Coupe Jalopy I was building to race at Culver City Speedway, Thank you for the invite to post my information in your newsletter, I am contacting you from Australia regarding a 1972 model Edmunds midget, More old racers reliving the 'good ol' days' and Jess Sturgeon's jackets, Ratmuller-Australia. A big block Ghia that turned 127 mph at Lake Gairdner last month down under, Team Deadwood-Dyno test for this coming years World of Speed. Also a big block, Formula V driven by John Milner, To Jack Osborne: A few months ago you said the Schiefer roadster's frame had a pretty big kick-up in the back, Chop Shop Customs' newsletter, May 15 2010 is a dry lake's meet date, There's a site called SPOKEO.COM and it's an online phone book that has your address, Gone Racin'...Diggers Funnies Gassers & Altereds Drag Racing's Golden Age by Bob McClurg, Gone Racin'...Heroes of Hot Rodding by David Fetherston

Newsletter 160 - April 16, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Veteran Photographer Ken Coles Passed April 10 2010, We were so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing what an interesting life she had, Thanks for the book reviews, Russell di Teresi has a collection of Legion Ascot Speedway programs from the 1930's if anyone is interested in purchasing a set or an individual program, I thought Trey's group did just fine on "Dancing with the Stars", The story is up on our web site now, I've received all sorts of excuses and reasons why your mail cannot be delivered but this is the first time that a computer company server has been downright brutally honest, I was so sorry to hear of your mother's passing, The Lakers a car club in the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) has a story in the latest issue, Friends of the Challenge and 130 MPH Club, I took your advice from last time we corresponded and used the questionnaire you'd sent me, To Janet Tarleton and Brad: Thank you for providing the struts for this opportunity for paying homage to Paul Schiefer's T roadster, Evelyn Roth found a website on old car brochures, The 2010 Pebble Beach Concours is shaping up to be another tremendous celebration of the automobile, Gone Racin'...Automobiles of Distinction; Imperial Palace Auto Collection Las Vegas Nevada by Henry Rasmussen, Gone Racin'...Hot Rod Chronicle by the auto editors of Consumer Guide with Don Prieto

Newsletter 159 - April 16, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, I have just been notified that my good friend and superb racing photographer Ken Coles has died, Just a reminder that the funeral services for Mary Mant Parks will be held on April 17 2010, Editor's notes: Additional emails and letters of condolences on the death of Mary Mant Parks, I just returned from the USFRA meeting tonight where they had a guest speaker, Thank you for your mentions of the Throttle book on your column, Thanks for your help in getting this article in www.HotRodHotLine, To Jack Osborne: During my search for information on the Schiefer roadster I've found a few color pictures of the car with the '25 T roadster body as well as of the '27 roadster body, I would like to get in touch with Dave Cox who has the Woomera 1 wheel driven land speed record car, I went to the USFRA meeting this week where 'Butch' Graham told a few tales about his dads City of Salt Lake streamliner, While reading back issues of the newsletter I noticed numerous references to a 'Jack Stewart Memorial Trophy' given annually by the Rod Riders, A really neat 14 minute video of the '65 story of the 409 MPH Goldenrod, I followed the link and read your latest newsletter, Tom Fritz one of the paramount land speed and hot rodding artists today, Some of you might remember that Hope my #3 granddaughter got engaged at IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) last May and was married in October, I just returned from the USFRA meeting and wanted to let everyone know they are looking forward to all of the air cooled VW's coming out this September for the World of Speed both the 36ers and the big block 130 MPH Club VW's, Ascot Park Facebook Fan Page, Thank you for offering to put it in your newsletter, I found this article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer dated September 22 2009, Gone Racin'…Throttle magazine by Jack Peters Xeroxed and reproduced by Don Tuttle, Gone Racin'… Vollstedt; from Track Roadsters to Indy Cars the Rolla Vollstedt Story by Rolla Vollstedt with Ralph Zbarsk, Thank you so much for forwarding me this information and the photo, Hot Rod 32 Ford Flathead SCTA ARDUN Racing Engine V8-60

Newsletter 158 - April 8, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Letters of condolences were received for Mary Mant Parks, Impact Racing has submitted proof to the SCTA that their products met the SFI specifications for the year 2009 and 2010, The street racer program is a chapter in the book We developed a 2 track system in part to get the kids a lot of runs to wear them out, I have a few die cast cars that I am going to sell, Chop Shop Customs is holding a 2010 Open House, Ed Stuck and I were talking about this and we are interested in doing something to help out one of the best friends of racers over the years, This is a great video showing the first assembly lines at the original Ford auto plant, Pictures will be sent tomorrow, This just in WSCC Corvette Drag Racing in 1956, It was great seeing you again at Hila Sweet's car racers reunion, Gone Racin'…Every Sunday Drag Races Orange County Airport,Santa Ana, Gone Racin'… Winners are Driven a Champion's Guide to Success in Business & Life by Bobby Unser, Speedway Bike racing video, Speedway Long Track Spring Classic Perris Auto Speedway, Photos and text of Athol Graham's City of Salt Lake Streamliner

Newsletter 157 - April 2, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Here is the latest report on Stirling Moss, I was doing some reading on the Web and came across a page you authored that mentioned Chuck Potvin, Ron Main sent in the following website, Aussie Invader Land Speed Record April Newsletter, Custom Auto Loveland Colorado Projects, Listed below are the car club plaques that have been added this month, There has been a venue change for our meeting, To Jim Miller; Thanks so much for spending the time with me on the phone and for all your help, Two links showing historic film of the first two 36hp land speed racers at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Please take this notification back to your clubs so everyone is aware of the implications of this action, A Message from Assemblyman Curt Hagman, A Last Minute Reminder Sunday Car Show Valencia, Just a quick note to make sure you get a copy of the latest (May 2010) issue, I'm sure glad there were real movie-makers chronicling those early days, Some great footage of Barris Roth and others and some famous and historic cars, John Hlavka former member of the Crawford Activities Committee and fired volunteer that has been mentioned and leading the petition drive is an attorney which is a big advantage, It is a sad day at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, Gone Racin'…The Fast Lane; the History of NHRA Drag Racing by Tehabi Books, Gone Racin'…'32 Ford Deuce by Tony Thacker, I have an early Champion Spark Plug Dealer's sign and the art is much more involved, We will have “Bangshift” Filming Poleet & Main’s “Hellfire Engine today at Duttweiler Performance, Red Lang's "Dead End Kids Dragster" owned by Dave Crouse, We were fortunate to be involved in completing the restoration of the “Sorrell Manning Special” SR-100 owned by Dr Mark Brinker, Congratulations to Gary and Diane Cerveny for the RM Auctions Trophy For the Best Open Car at the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance, Ed Blais’ 1996 Factory prepped Porsche 993 was in the shop for some minor body work and a fresh coat of paint and is now ready for some track time, I saw this item on eBay and thought you might be interested, Watch & read about and our new Forged Billet Compressor Wheels.

Newsletter 156 - March 25, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, I would like to thank all of you that have supported Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park with your letters and e-mails to the County of Los Angeles and those that attended the hearings especially the one held in Lancaster California, To Jim Miller: Thanks so much for providing for the opportunity for those of us who can only wish we could have been there to explore the history of hot rodding.. the cars.. the people.. those times.., You might be interested in looking at www.1320movie.com to see if you recognize anybody, Things are finely moving along in a very positive way for a new track in the Antelope Valley, Evelyn Roth submitted this website, I was reading your article on xxxx xxxxxxxxxx I would be embarrassed to have your website affiliated with him, The following video was taken just before the great Earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco California, Here is yet another voice heard from a former member of the Crawford Advisory Committee and printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer with regards to the WRHS and the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, Gone Racin'…Crazy Horses; the history of British drag racing by Brian Taylor with a foreword by Don Garlits, Gone Racin'…Throttle - 1941: The Complete Collection by Thom Taylor; Steve Coonan and the staff of The Rodder's Journal, Museum Quality Prints, LEFT to RIGHT are: Bill "Kid" Buonomo; Liza Hopkins; Doctor D (aka Darrell Roberts); Miguel "the Bomb"Quiles and Don Zellers, 2010 Don Garlits Rat Rod Show poster, People will be talking about all the crazy Pin Stripers and artists they saw working, Liza and I will be at Venom Custom Choppers in New Poet Richey on Saturday March 27 and you can find us at Quaker Steak and Lube in Pinalles Park on Wednesday nights for their bike night, Give me the Illinois connection to this VERY famous car.

Newsletter 155 - March 18, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, The following email was received from Betty Packard who received it from Stirling Moss who was seriously injured in an accident, Following an accident at his home in Mayfair on Saturday evening as a result of a lift malfunction Sir Stirling Moss suffered two broken ankles four broken bones to his foot skin abrasions and four chipped vertebrae, Betty Packard sent us the following, I received an email from Tina Van Curen at Autobooks/Aerobooks she was asking if we had heard from William Carroll recently, I was corresponding with Albert Drake (the author) several years ago and he was living in Oregon, You may recall in the Cleveland Plain Dealer article that the administrator said all of the collections are sharing the culling of the objects equally, I really appreciate the help, This note was in my files, I have to say that I am overwhelmed I just finished reading the book that I got from the Wally Park's museum on Mickey Thompson, I went to High School with Verlin Marshall back in the early 1950's, Thanks so much for your response I did talk to Ed Houtz who was a close friend of Verlin Marshall months ago, Rockabilly Rod Reunion returns to The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway May 28-30 for three days and two nights at two venues, Gone Racin'… L.A. Roadster a Retrospective by Dick Wells and Jack Stewart, Bill France presents check to Art Malone, Bob and Art before run, Just after the run

Newsletter 154 - March 11, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Hal Minyard was a local Midget driver and later went to work for Clarence Cagle at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, In case you haven't heard I am sorry to report that Gary Sigman passed away the other day, Dave Crouse at Custom Auto (www.realhotrods.com) was prominently mentioned in www.hotrodhotline.com for his restoration of the Norman Timbs streamlined roadster, Motorcycle racer Kenny Roberts was honored by the Justice Brothers Car Care Products company with the 2010 Shav Glick Award, I have been a member on the Land Speed History list for some time now, I have long been a member of an exclusive bunch of motor sports folk who do not believe that one make racing is good for the highest level of auto racing in America, "Keeper Of The Flame" the Spurgin / Giovanine Roadster, From: Assembly member Jeffries March 8 2010 Subject: AB 1740, I am working on a biography of Frank Lockhart for publication as my MA thesis, Faith Granger has notified us that her movie Deuce of Spades is going to be ready in a few more months, The History of the GCR&R Club by Gail Phillips and members of the club, 19th Annual Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame announcement by Matt Williams, Please find enclosed the link for the Cleveland Plain Dealer article about the WRHS and the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum we have discussed and you have requested, Hi Burly Whew! A long day First the bad and then the good news, I just made reservations at the Montego Bay for Bonneville in September at the World of Speed, Jerry Cornelison sent in the Road Runners news for January-March, Thank you so much for everything you do for all of us that have the "fire and passion" for all of the great Land Speed stories that you bring to us for what it is without any strings attached, Gone Racin'… Big Daddy; A Career Pictorial Volume 1 by Don Garlits and Michael Mikulice, Gone Racin'… Flat Out; The Race For The Motorcycle World Land Speed Record by Rocky Robinson, The Petersen Automotive Museum March through June 2010, Boyd Coddington's Aluma Coupe Recently Donated to Petersen Automotive Museum. Iconic Hot Rod Builder's Vision Finds a Permanent Home

Newsletter 153 - March 5, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Leslie Long called to give us some updates, You might inform Evelyn Roth to contact her uncle Roy Eves if he is still among the living to see if he recalls a real midget race car that was at the Iwo Airfield, My husband daughter and I were out at the 50th Anniversary of the Winternationals in Pomona last weekend, Rosco McGlashan sent an invitation to our readers, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, Sometimes I wonder why I am still alive especially when I read in the press (people) try to get something banned; like sugar substitutes, The latest issue of Ultra VW March 2010 from England is just hitting the book stores, Please visit the Don Garlits Museum and Hall of Fame web site, This may be of interest to some of you - car club plaques that have been added this month, My first Pre-War boat is on the website the "1933 Gold Cup Winner El Lagarto", This was sent to me and it appears to be only the front page but you then have a link to go the papers website, West Coast sprints and late models Santa Maria Speedway, How Old are Your Tires?, I spoke with Fuzzy (Anderson) this morning, To Thatcher Darwin I'll be passing this along to Jim Miller, Jim, Richard & Thatcher I'm hell bent for more REVS car club data so I scoured all the programs I had available to me, Here's a revised Idlers list, Jim Richard & Thatcher Please find the 4th revision of the Hollywood Throttlers members list, Only two drivers have won the prestigious March Meet four times, Subject: NHRA crew chief John Medlen working to add wheel tethers on ESPN, Holley 8th NHRA Hot Rod Reunion June 18-20 2010 at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Gone Racin'…Circle of Impact; The true life events of a brave action figure by Lynn McCoy, Gone Racin'…The Legends of Motorsport by Dave Friedman, Bill Junge's 1949 Chevy, Bill Junge's 1951 Studebaker Champion, Vampires So Cal car club plaque, Magoos of Hermosa Beach car club plaque, Champion Speed Shop will field two supercharged front engine top fuel dragsters for the 2010 drag racing season, Big Daddy Don Garlits Rats and Rods Party March 20 2010.

Newsletter 152 - February 25, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Susan Gail Peters Cornelison Biography and Memorial Services, Dear Friends & Family, I'm sorry for my delay in writing all of you as I've been under the weather and my computer has been in the shop twice since January, The wind is doing its JOB over the weekend the wind blew out of the west & the "standing" water was moved completely out of sight (to the east), Recently I received a letter from Carol and Steve Memishian of the American Hot Rod Foundation (AHRF) Here is an open letter to them as a response published in the SLSRH, Leslie Long called to give us some updates, To Vic Enyart: Yes I remember De May's Drive-In located on La Brea Avenue in Inglewood and as I recall it was on the Northeast corner of La Brea and either Slauson or Centinela Avenues, How do I get that book you mentioned on Mickey Thompson at your dad's museum, Guest Columnist Tim Kennedy is our "eyes and ears" on the racing scene, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, Because my email address is open to so many people I get tons of ads and I don't mind running some of them in the newsletters as long as the ads are rewritten to look like news items, I am finishing up a small book and I am not clear on using other people's photographs, To Michael Brennan. I'm so pleased that Richard has put me in touch with you, The following is a letter from and an answer to the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, Bud had spoken to you about the award we gave Mousie, As you know Race Car Safety is one of my major interests and I become very inquisitive in these modern times when errant race car wheels find their way into the grandstands, The 6th Annual Norwood Arena Reunion started five years ago and has grown, The following photographs show Iwo Jima in the spring of 1945, It appears that your advice of getting local media involved with telling the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum's story is paying off, Gone Racin'…Run to Glory chasing the World's Water Speed record 1967-1989 by Donald W. Peterson, Gone Racin'…High Performance; The Culture and Technology of Drag Racing 1959-1990 by Robert C. Post

Newsletter 151 - February 18, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, The Sidewinders SCTA car club is holding their banquet this Saturday February 20 2010, Leslie Long called to give us some updates, Evelyn Roth found this website on the internet, The following comes from Bob Falcon in response to a notice in Newsletter issue #150 concerning the Dassault Falcon Jet, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, The rear wheel shown in the trailer picture pic #1 in issue #150 I believe to be a Halibrand smooth design that was made in 1949-1952, To Bob Falcon: Don't forget Demays (DeMays?) drive-in, LandSpeed Louise Ann Noeth sent in a pdf file from the March 2010 Good Guys Gazette, We have great news for all of our west coast and south west racers who cannot get away for the annual 36hp Challenge event at the September World of Speed at Bonneville, I just wanted to share with the readers what little insight I gained while working as a GM tech over 24 years, This is to let all of you know that Shana and I have a new phone number and e-mail addresses, It was so nice to finally meet you in person at this year's SCTA Banquet, In the latest newsletter #150 you stated that Leslie Long was missing some copies of the 1938 SCTA programs, Jim Miller and I have just updated each others Throttlers roster lists, Could you please contact me I understand one of your recent newsletters covered a competition held at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September 1955 in which a 1956 Dodge set multiple records, Concerning the Santa Ana Reunion, 2010 schedule for The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, I just completed the first new boat of 2010 the "1952 Presidents Cup Winner Miss Pepsi". Gone Racin'… Hot Rod Kings Top Traditional Rod and Custom Builders by Perry and Thomson, Gone Racin'… Racing Outboards 1907-1989 A History of the Great Horsepower Race by Don Peterson, Spurgin / Giovanine roadster, Bonneville Inn for Sale.

Newsletter 150 - February 11, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Leslie Long called to give us some updates, 2010 Sidewinders Banquet, These are all models 1/24th scale, Mick's last name is Percy and he is located in Australia, I am restoring a car that ran at El Mirage in 1947, The following biographical event comes from a Navy man who witnessed the Chinese Civil War between Mao and the Nationalists, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, Hoo Raw to Bob Falcon, Doug Stokes has returned to freelancing in PR marketing writing reputation management and consulting, You asked me at the SCTA Banquet to write up a little something about my photography business, I am doing a re-write on my Bio as well as making notes for the Gear Grinders as well, This month's newsletter was quite interesting thanks for covering Paul Schiefer's roadster so well, Mickey Thompson Tribute February 11 2010, If a little guy in a home garage can make this what are all the big car makers doing in all their giant labs, G'day 36hp Challengers, A So Cal Car Culture thing just popped into my head that you probably never heard about and was a Saturday Night mainstay during WW2, Is this the ultimate chop, Gone Racin'...Where They Raced; Auto racing venues in Los Angeles 1900-1990 by Harold L. Osmer, Gone Racin'...Drag Racing Yesterday and Today the Story of the World's Fastest Sport by Wally Parks, Falcon Jet Magazine article, Clark Cagle working on the Cagle-Sanchez Studebaker around 1954.

Newsletter 149 - February 4, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, I just received the following messages from LaVaun Pittman; KS Pittman has passed away, I would like to thank Jack and Mary Ann Lawford, 2010 Sidewinders Banquet, I am getting a call now and then about the possibility of you having the Cacklefest again, Please accept our invitation to join xxxxxxxxxxxx, It bothers me when people who don't know how to raise their car's hood get their nose into technical matters and strive for a quick fix solution to a mess-up (ie: uncontrolled acceleration problem), I seem to recall that I told you a tale of crossing paths with Karl Orr many years after he had closed his Speed Shop and went to work for Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica, This is really something Read the rules very closely and you will see what I mean, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, Sorry that I didn't meet you at the Grand National Roadster Show as planned, I finally figured out the website and located the info I was missing, This is awesome I didn't realize they were miniature models until I was half way through the pictures, The Auto Club of Southern California NHRA 50th Winternationals Auto Club Raceway Pomona California will be held on February 11 through the 14, I had my car and my family all set and ready to go to see the great show in Pomona California at los Angeles then we had some illness in the family, The Crazy Horses track signing times at Pomona have been confirmed to line up with the Legends Autograph sessions on the same days, The official East Coast launch of Crazy Horses - the history of British drag racing is at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing Ocala Florida, Rosco McGlashan has a newsletter, The following biography for Rod Schapel was written by Dr Mark Brinker, You may recall the Cleveland Plain Dealer last October article reporting of Kay Crawford's protest to the Western Reserve Historical Society's then impending sale of automobiles from the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, The following letter was sent by David Walker to the Bean Bandits car club of San Diego, To VW Challengers, Gone Racin' to the…Bonneville Salt Flats by Landspeed Louise Ann Noeth, Gone Racin'… Real Road Racing The Santa Monica Road Races by Harold Osmer and Phil Harms, Here's to some of the 1960's era top fuel dragsters that deserved a spot in any museum of fine arts for their beauty, style, and true substance

Newsletter 148 - January 21, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Editor's notes: Recently we wrote about Chet Herbert's 1952 Beast III streamliner which is being restored at Dave Crouse's shop Custom Auto in Loveland Colorado, The following emails were received recently and concern the passing of Dick Wells, Friends of Crocky Wright have arranged a Memorial Gathering this coming Friday January 29 2010, I am looking for Burke Lesage so I may ask him about the '25 Model T lake racer that Paul Schiefer drove in the 1940's, In regards to those old TV shows that showed your father these old episodes are still being broadcast on perhaps two local PBS Stations, I thought that I did send you my history back when you asked to have them sent I will send it to you Vince Burgos, We want to wish all of our Society of Landspeed Racing Historians members a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year; we're all off to great start and are looking forward to great times in 2010, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, I located and bought an old Triumph motorcycle that was raced at Bonneville and El Mirage from the 1960's to the 1980's by a man named Theo Ozen, I don't know anything about a Road Runners newsletter or of any other club doing one, Happy New Year to you guys we hope 20/10 is a real blast for us all, The first newsletter was done by Veda Orr during WWII to help SCTA guys stay in touch, My name is Merek Chertkow and I am the one whose picture is on the front cover of your dad's book, Please find below the link for a new VW magazine on the Web from Mick Percy in Australia, I'm sending you a copy of the advertising made by Yacco after the records with Matford's and the four girls', If you are going to the Grand National Roadster Show is it the one at the northern bay area near San Francisco, I can't add anything to Veda's story, Don I put one of your segments up on YouTube, I am Unable to travel that far (to the Grand National Roadster Show) 400 miles is a bit long for my left side, Gone Racin'…Old Hot Rods Scrapbook Memories From The Past by Don Montgomery, Gone Racin'… Thrust; Through the Sound Barrier by Richard Noble and David Tremayne, I am sorry to inform you of the passing of Janet Meyers on January 12 2010, Speed Demon land speed streamliner, Join us this saturday night for Fueled - Art Show featuring over 30 artists, Pinstripers, old cars and more, Four 36 hp land speed racing challenge documents.

Newsletter 147 - January 21, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Dick Wells passed away tonight Monday January 18 2010 at about 10:30pm, The official American West Coast launch of the Haynes Publishing 224 page book Crazy Horses - the history of British drag racing will be on February 12, I'm glad you liked my site -Here is a little more background about me and my site, Thank you very much Richard I agree with you but for European people every thing that comes from USA is fantastic in music and also in motor racing, My good friend and mentor Bud Meyer built a screaming V-8 60 Ardun in 1952 for Sterling Edwards sports car that I was fortunate enough to ride in, California AB 619 This is an "amnesty" bill If you have violated the law when registering your vehicle you may apply to the DMV for amnesty against prosecution, The Rosco McGlashan/Aussie Invader Land Speed Record News Update, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, Dangerous tires sent in by Marilyn Lachman, The following video was sent to us by Betty Packard who received it from Ed Justice Junior, Re Newsletter #142 December 17 2009 You asked "what happened to Jeff Foulk's Cougar?", Hello Gear Grinders! As we all know the Gear Grinders Banquet is coming up on February 20, I haven't received any newsletters for quite awhile now I guess you have backed off I enjoyed the info and miss them, 1935 Chevrolet movie theater commercial, Here are several extra events planned for the B'ville NW Banquet February 13th, The Gear Grinders Annual Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday February 20, The hot rod/custom and racing history of Norway is on my to-do list, Thanks for the non-closing clarification about the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Gone Racin'… Those Wild Fuel Altered Drag Racing in the Sixties by Don Montgomery, Gone Racin'… The Story of Thrust SSC the World's first Supersonic Car by Dave Morris.

Newsletter 146 - January 7, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will host a Celebration of Life for Jason Dubs on Saturday January 9 at noon, www.LandSpeedRacingVideo.com has great 2009 Speedweek DVDS, Hello I would be very happy to be in touch with Mrs Paula Murphy about her racing career, Ron Main sent in an email showing cars at Bonneville, In an old family album I found this autographed photo of Johnny Beaudoin, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, Thank you very much for your message and your help about Paula Murphy, I have been to your great site a couple of times without realizing that you actually send a weekly newsletter, That's the Lee Taylor jet powered boat "Hustler", Ron Main sent in the following video of an enclosed motorcycle with stabilizer wings, Gone Racin'… Old Hot Rod Scrapbooks Memories From The Past by Don Montgomery, Gone Racin'… Supercharged Gas Coupes Remembering the Sixties by Don Montgomery, Hold The Flomax "Speed Demon" Will Now Have The #999000-Waterman Flow Bench, Speed Demon Streamliner Plan for 2010, This appeared on the Jan 4, 2010 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer PDQ column

Newsletter 145 - January 7, 2010 - President's Corner, Editorials, Friday morning 10AM and I just got off the phone with Andy Anderson who had just spoken with Pat (Dan Chase's wife), Mike Kacsala made reference to The Ballenger Special which was sold at RM Hershey, The following email was sent to Joe Devine to offer our condolences but the email and the phone numbers that I had were all discontinued, You along with many do not recall that I recently completed a very long story about the innovative life of my former boss and good friend Ted Halibrand, Mike Borders will be at our January 19 meeting, Racing Clubs: Historians listed for each club, The Hot Wheels Hall of Fame at the Petersen Automotive Museum features Hot Wheels, I thought you might think this is pretty cool, Annie Burris wrote an article in the Orange County Register on the Donut Derelicts Car show in Huntington Beach, My name is Greg Lazzerini and I own Ermie Immerso's Thunderbird turbine streamliner and would like to get some information, The 9th Annual B'ville Northwest Banquet will be held on February 13 2010 at the Shilo Inn Portland Airport, For Auld Lang Syne 2009 by Chris Romano, Gone Racin'... Hot Rods As They Were Another Blast from the Past by Don Montgomer, Gone Racin'... Hot Rods in the Forties a Blast from the Past by Don Montgomery, Here's to healthy people and healthy cylinders in 2010, Winterfest drag racing festival.


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