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HotRod Hotline Is Here for You. We are HERE for Each Other

The ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic are isolating our communities can be very overwhelming.  As a group of enthusiasts, the social aspect of car shows, car club gatherings and regular meet-ups is part of who we are.  Community is essential to our hobby and right now, communities are spread out.  Hot Rod Hotline wants our uses and readers to know that we are here to support that community and do what we can to bring them together in a virtual world.  From the business end, that means our customer service staff and editorial team are working from home to continue to meet your needs (posting classified ads, browsing for the next dream project, etc) as well as keeping you entertained with feature builds, virtual car shows and news from the industry.

But we want to know what YOU are doing to keep your communities thriving. As the group who's existence is based on innovation (what else is hot rodding but looking at the gap between what you want and what you've got and bridging it with creativity, gumption and power), you inspire us with your generosity and resoucefulness through fundraisers, foundations and fun.

Are you delivering groceries for neighbors?  Helping to reschedule cancelled events? Planning for next year? Running an online Facebook group to connect your car club? Something else we would never have thought of? Let us know and we'll share your stories, continuing to connect our community in the best way we know how.