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O'Brien Truckers Buick Finned Disc Brake Covers

Buick Finned Disc Brake Covers -Want the traditional look of drum brakes with finned Buick drums?  The ones that come the closest to looking like the real thing and giving the best braking performance are made by O'Brien Truckers! We mount the caliper on a proprietary bracket that mounts the caliper in the front - right inside the scoop so it gets plenty of cool air. Having the caliper in the front also eliminates the need for that ugly bulge in the the top of the backing plate so they look more like the original sheet metal backing plates and the brake lines come out at the proper 45 degree angle. We offer our set up with a partial drum (basically just the finned part) that bolts to the aluminum backing plate. Why you might ask? Well we do that for three reasons. First and most important, the air that comes in thru the scoop has no problem escaping so there are no overheating issues from having the working parts encapsulated and that's what disc brakes are all about, right? Second, since the partial drum does not rotate there is no chance of any balancing or vibration issues. And third, since there is no drum mounted on the hub, the wheels mount directly against the hub and are therefore "tucked in" approximately 3/8" closer to the center of the car for better looks. If you happen to be running wire wheels and must have a full fake drum, we also sell a fully balanced drum separately.

The complete set up, made to fit on 37-41 round spindles, comes with two aluminum backing plates, two aluminum scoops, two aluminum partial drums two special caliper brackets plus the Wilwood 10.75 vented rotors, Wilwood Dynolite Pro Series four piston calipers, hubs (drilled for 4 1/2" and 4 3/4" bolt patterns) and hardware - $1595 unpolished and $1795 polished. The full drum covers are $375 each unpolished - they're drilled for 4 1/2" and 4 3/4" bolt patterns (no slotted bolt patterns) and dynamically balanced so there will be no balancing issues with our drums. Please call us for any other questions or for pricing on partial combinations.



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