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Radir Wheels Accessories


Spinners are $229 a set and up. ($189 a set and up, if you purchase a set of wheels!)
Spinners come complete with polished aluminum spinner caps.

Pin Wheel Spinner (left) - Part #WC-PWL
Pin Wheel Spinner (right) - Part# WC-PWR
3 Bar Solid Spinner  by Radir Wheels
3 Bar Open Spinner by Radir Wheels
3-Bar Spinner Solid - Part #WC-3BS
3-Bar Spinner Open - Part# WC-3BO
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Center Cone by Radir Wheels
Center Cone- Part# CC-1

(Included Free with spinners)

Bullet Cone by Radir Wheels
Bullet Cone - Part# BC-1 
3 Sizes available to Fit

Radir Wheels, Supremes, 
E.T. III,Weld wheels

and Indy Drag Mags.

Made from Polished Spun aluminum.

Bullet Cone Dimensions    
  Diameter Length
SMALL 2-15/16" O.D. 3 1/2"
LARGE 3-1/4" O.D.  4 1/4"
X-Long 3-1/4" O.D. 5 1/4"

Bullet Cone Center caps $89.95 and up (set of 4)

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Radir Wheels has the coolest in 12 Spoke, and Tri Rib wheels on the Planet. Available in many sizes, Radir Wheels are the perfect accessory to finish off your new ride... or to give your old ride a New Look ! Nothing changes the look of a car more than a new set of wheels. You'll also find the famous Radir Cheater Slicks available now in 8 Sizes. Take a look at the entire product line now.

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