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Stainless Steel Brakes Free Powder Coating Thru June 30, 2012

There is Still Time For Free Powder Coating on all Qualifying SSBC Caliper Kits or Disc Brake Conversions

Ends June 30

Technical Info & FAQ

Calipers: what type and why do we use them?

There are 2 type of calipers we use. One is called a fixed mount (right, top) and the other is a floating caliper (right, bottom). These caliper are used on many different type of cars. Most commonly, smaller calipers float, larger calipers are fixed. The larger calipers are commonly used with 12” - 14” rotor diameters. These rotor/calipers require 16” wheels or larger.

Rear disc brakes: Why do you need them?

Front brakes can only do so much. Most rear drums do very little for stopping power, which is usually why they last 2 - 3 times longer than the front pads. By adding rear disc brakes, you can add as much as 30% more brake force to your braking system.

Why is application so important in selecting brakes?

Many muscle cars had upgraded rear axles as well as larger front spindles. This is due to engine size, suspension upgrades and even mid year model changes. All domestic models have at one time or another experienced this situation. Older vehicles, street rods and muscle cars also may be modified. This is why we offer over 400 different specific applications.