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Steve's Auto Restorations in Portland, Ore. has once again joined the list of donors for the latest project from the Ironmen Foundation. The foundation's latest project, aptly named "Dress Blues," follows the success of their first project, "Metal of Honor" and will be auctioned off after going on tour. Proceeds will be donated to a scholarship program for the posterity of our brave soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our freedom.

"Dress Blues" is based on a 1934 Roadster Pickup body that was built and donated by Steve's Auto Restorations. The 1934 Roadster pickup body is a modified version of S.A.R.'s venerable Real Steel 1934 Roadster featuring a hand formed rear section by one of S.A.R.'s accomplished metal shapers. The phantom RPU body features an extended cab, which will allow for the convenient use of the standard roadster top while also providing additional leg room. Additional features include: a recessed firewall, full floor, stock style door hinges and bear claw door latches.

For more information about the Ironmen Foundation visit their website at

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