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Stolen - 1968 Chevy Truck     

A Lennox couple is asking for your help finding their classic pickup stolen from a farm.The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office says the vehicle was taken sometime in late February or early March, but the pickup's story is decades old.
"We took a lot of pictures while it was being re-done and after it was done," Lennox Resident Del Johnke said.
When Del and Jennifer Johnke restored the 1968 Chevrolet pickup they expected it to stay in the family. In fact, the vehicle is captured in the mementos of their wedding day.
"We're car people I guess," Del Johnke said.
But now the pair is trying to track down the vehicle that was passed down to them by Del's father, who bought it new decades ago.The vehicle is unique. It's a classic 1968, blue Chevrolet pickup, which could be an advantage for those trying to find it.
"We've had several other reports of possible sightings of this vehicle. Several of them we have determined that there's another vehicle that closely resembles this one. It's not one-of-a-kind, but I think it is unique enough where if people do notice anything like this, please, call us or send us a private message on Facebook, or Crime Stoppers," Lincoln County Sheriff Dennis Johnson said.
Sheriff Dennis Johnson says the department has received vehicle sighting reports in Sioux Falls and Lennox areas, but it's unknown if those reports are of the right pickup.
"Somebody in Lennox must know. We'd just appreciate if they'd come forward," Jennifer Johnke said.
"We'd just like to get it back. We'd just like to figure out a way to get it back. We'd like everyone to watch for it and alert the authorities if they see it," Del Johnke said.
The couple is offering cash rewards for information leading to the recovery of the vehicle and conviction of a suspect. The hope is to continue the pickup's 48-year run with the family.
When the pickup was taken, the license plate read "68CHEVY." If you have any information that could help locate the pickup, you should contact your local law enforcement.
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