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Stolen - A Search for a '63 Chevy Stolen over 40 Years Ago

*Not actual picture of car*

Philip Dillingham has had quite the adventure in the search for his '63 Chevy. Hear his story and see if you can help him out!

    In the summer of 1973 I was leaving Homestead FL and returning to my home town of Grand Haven Michigan. I was driving two cars. One was a 1963 Thunderbird and the other a 1963 impala.  I was acquainted with this guy that was having marriage problems and wanted to hitch a ride with me as far as I could take him north. He was going to Philadelphia. I explained to him I had no problem with that and maybe he could spell my wife driving at some point.  So we loaded up both cars and headed north. Got to just outside Macon GA and pulled in for gas.  I said maybe you could spell my wife driving now and he said fine. I went in to pay for the gas for both cars and looked up just as he was speeding out of the gas station.  I ran out and tried to catch him. No such luck the Chevy out ran me. I want back to the gas station and called the police station.  The police said he did not steal the car and they could not take a stolen car report. So on the off chance he might of went to the exit ramp where we agreed he would be dropped off to see it the car was setting there. It was not. I had no choice but to go on to Grand Haven Michigan.  Upon getting there I went in to the state police station and explained to them what happened. They said bull shit he did steal it. I made a report at that time.  I called down to Homestead Fl and ask a friend to keep an eye out for the guy or the car. She called back a few days latter and said the guy and car was across the street from this bar.  I called  police and she called the police also. The police said he did not steal the car. I have been having a running battle with the state of Florida and Georgia about putting the car on the stolen car lists  just in case it is found in a barn. They flat out have told me they will not put it on any stolen car list or list it as stolen.       
                 Philip Dillingham
                 Title #9891698
                 Vin # 31847S184266 Titled in Aug * 1973 
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