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Thomas M. Tetzloff's Sports Custom

Story via Kutomrama

This Sports Custom owned by Thomas M. Tetzloff of Sandusky, Ohio is a mish mash of awesomeness. Tetzloff found the remains of the car near Cleveland, Ohio, and he purchased it back in late 2019. "It's mostly 1940 Ford" he told Sondre Kvipt of Kustomrama in 2020. It was in a rough condition, but Tetzloff, who always had wanted a custom from the little pages decided to fix it up. Modifications included 1949 Cadillac taillights and a Chevrolet hood as a rear deck. "Lots of lead," according to Thomas, who In January of 2020 Tetzloff was in the process of restoring the car. "I love fixing a vehicle people give up on!"

Thomas is currently looking for old info and photos of the car. For a long time the car was in the collection of Charles Bowman in Mansfield, Ohio. Bowman was a Ford collector. He didn't like customs, and the car was saved as a parts car. "I remember seeing it in his junkyard parts pile 30 years ago," Tetzloff told Kustomrama. "It was in better shape then..." Do you recognize it? Or do you know someone in the Cleveland or Mansfield area that might have information about it? Please get in touch with us at [email protected]