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Trick Truck n Rod Shop Firewall Kits: 47-55


We are a full service rod & restoration shop for street rods, muscle cars, classics, bikes and of course, trucks.

What do we do?
o Small repairs to complete builds and restorations
o All types of vintage cars & trucks
o Mechanical repairs to custom paint & body work
o Specialize in Chevy & GMC trucks through 1972
o New & used parts
o Buy & sell vintage trucks, projects, parts


Firewall Kits: 47-55

The sheet metal firewall cover kit!


Installation with minimal bodywork to finish (can even be seam sealed). Kit welds right over your existing firewall. Don't cut out that firewall. Don't spend hours cutting out little shapes, welding holes, and wearing out your fingers body working the crevices. Just cover it with our Firewall Doctor Kit. 47-55 kit works with V-6 or small V-8. 55-59 kit works with large or small V-8.



o No major surgery to truck cab
o Stock fender wells can still be used
o Minimal body work
o You now have a double panel fire wall
o Can screw or weld to inside of firewall without damage to the outside panel
o Can be installed on finished trucks with removal of proper parts
o Can also be glued in with applicable metal adhesive
o Adds minimal thickness to fire wall
o Trim to fit your application
o Hand made in the U.S.A.
o Different beads and patterns available
o Special patterns upon request. Matching toe board covers also available for driver's side
o Fits into stock recesses in firewall
o Minimal warping when welded (because you are welding over another panel)

Also check out the 55-59 Kit and the Toe Board Cover


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