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[Video] What is a Builders Chassis?


Curious about what an Art Morrison "builders chassis" is? Join Matt and Chadly as they walk you through the step by step build of MetalWorks 1948 Chevy Fleetline.
The Fleetline sits on a builders chassis on air ride, and Matt and Chadly take you through step by step and show you the process of putting the chassis under the Chevy and what all is involved to make it fit properly.
Builders chassis are a great option for cars that area a bit less common, and that companies may not offer an aftermarket chassis for. With a little extra work you can enjoy the amazing performance of an Art Morrison chassis.
This video covers:
- Tear down and removal of original chassis
- Dissecting a builders chassis
- Engine mock up and core support fabrication
- Rear bumper and Air conditioning
- Painting an Art Morrison Chassis
- Painting firewall and Raptor coating the unerbody