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VIP Monster Pack Offers Exclusive Access at Carlisle Truck Nationals


VIP Monster Pack Offers Exclusive Access at Carlisle Truck Nationals
Get Up Close and Personal with Monster Trucks

CARLISLE, PA – The monsters return to Carlisle in 2012 and they are hungrier than ever.  The Carlisle Truck Nationals, August 3-5 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds hosts trucks of all shapes, sizes, eras and styles.  The most popular, however, at least among the youth-based audience are the monster trucks.  As part of the always exciting monster truck displays and action, enthusiasts can save money on grounds access, earn priority access to the trucks and receive bigwig treatment through the Carlisle Events VIP Monster Pack.

The VIP Monster Pack retails for $45 per adult and $15 per child, allowing families to have a premium monster truck experience.  The pack not only gets you through the main gates, but also allows for exclusive autograph and photo access to the trucks, drivers and teams.  Special reserved seating is also available in the main grandstand during monster truck shows.  Further, the purchase of the VIP Monster Pack allows for a ride on the monster ride truck.  Finally, each VIP Monster Pack entitles its holder to two hot dogs and a 16 ounce soda at Woody’s Fuel Stop plus a limited edition baseball cap.  The VIP Monster Pack includes it all – access, seating, apparel, interaction and a concessions credit.

On grounds in 2012 as part of the Carlisle Truck Nationals are the legendary Bigfoot as well as Backdraft.  Joining the two monsters will be the Virginia Giant Ride Truck as well as the always-thrilling Megasauras.

Bigfoot, created by Bob Chandler, is noted as the first monster truck.  What started as a promotional tool for his partner’s and his Midwest Four Wheel Drive business evolved into a fleet of trucks recognized worldwide.  The original Bigfoot debuted in 1979 at a car show in Denver, Colorado.  Its popularity yielded numerous appearances thereafter, sold millions of dollars in merchandise, spawned nearly 20 versions of the truck and is so rich in history that its biography spans three pages on its web page. Needless to say, Bigfoot will pack the house.

Competing against Bigfoot is Backdraft.  Backdraft is a member of the Monster Jam circuit and is primarily driven by Jeremy Slifko.  The truck and driver have extensive experience at performing in front of crowds that enjoy high-flying excitement, engine-revving power and car-crushing dominance.  Slifko will take his Dodge monster over the cars, around the circuit and wow the audience with unmatched power!

The final two trucks, Virginia Giant and Megasauras are differently unique with one specially designed to entertain the entire family by giving them a ride and the other built for ultimate destruction.  The ride truck has an elongated bed with seats and access steps installed to haul young and old alike around the grounds.  As Megasauras goes, it isn’t really a truck; it’s more like a machine.  Back by popular demand its enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy this fire-breathing, car-eating monster.

Limited VIP Monster Packs are available and may be obtained by calling 717-243-7855 or ordering online at  Monster truck action is just one part of the Carlisle Truck Nationals. With an annual crowd of nearly 40,000, haul in to one of the largest truck events geared towards the entire family. This show is a must-attend with over 2,000 trucks of all shapes and sizes. You’ll see everything from restored classics, lifted or lowered 2- and 4-wheel drives to chromed-out big rigs. The entire family will enjoy monster truck shows and rides, the Kids at Carlisle activity area, shopping in the swap meet, truck corral and Manufacturers Midway. The pulse-pounding fun continues with a truck tug-o-war contest, burnouts and so much more.

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About Carlisle Events:  Carlisle Events, producer of 11 annual collector car, truck and motorcycle events, attracts more than half a million people to its Pennsylvania based shows annually.  Events are held at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds (Carlisle, PA) and Bloomsburg Fairgrounds (Bloomsburg, PA).  Included in the annual events schedule are two huge automotive swap meets and auctions - Spring and Fall Carlisle as well as individual specialty shows featuring Corvettes, Fords, GMs, Chryslers, trucks, motorcycles, imports and kit cars and tuner and modern customs.  Founded in 1974 by friends Bill Miller and Chip Miller, the “Cars at Carlisle” shows attract automotive enthusiasts from around the world. Information about Carlisle Events and Carlisle Auctions is available to consumers via the Internet at, or by phone at 717-243-7855.