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Chuck & “The Princess” 33 Ford Coupe

Prince William Cruisers Weekly Cruise
Dale City, VA
Friday Aug. 12, 2011

 Pictures By Charles Shotwell aka Chuck the Slacker
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We got back from our Maine vacation last week and finally got the hot rod out this weekend.  Going anywhere around here on Friday night is problematic at best….But we met some cruisers in Stafford and snaked around the back roads to Dale City, VA and the Prince William Cruisers weekly cruise near Glory Days.  When we arrived there were already some cars parked and the ubiquitous ring of folding chairs near Steve’s ’40 Ford.  We unpacked our gear and set up with the group.  But before we got settled in Steve started whining about when were we going to eat….so….we trekked to Glory Days and got reacquainted with their menu for the evening.  When we rejoined the talking group another 15 cars had come to visit.  This cruise is always fun for us because we enjoy the conversation and conversationalists!  We stayed till after 11PM….we totally lost track of time catching up with the others….a very pleasant evening.

The black ’66 Chevy Impala with the big block was so very squeaky clean and Bill’s orange Willys is always fun to look over, yeah it’s got a HEMI.  Jimmy’s blue ’71 Ranchero is the nastiest sounding Ford around….and it is no stranger to massive amounts of torque either.  This is a nice friendly cruise on the back side of Potomac Mills in Dale City, VA so if you are near there on Friday night….stop in and say hey….they always have room for another new friend.   

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Glory Days 8-12-201101 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201102 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201103 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201104 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201105 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201107 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201108 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201109 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201110 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201111 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201113 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201114 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201115 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201116 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201117 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201118 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201119 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201120 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201121 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201122 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201123 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201124 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201125 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201126 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201127 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201128 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201129 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201130 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201132 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201134 (Medium)

Glory Days 8-12-201136 (Medium)





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