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Car Show: Old Geezers Gathering

Old Geezers Gathering

Paso Robles, CA
Saturday, June 13, 2015
Photos by: Sherm Porter
Every year Chuck Wentworth opens up his Antique Aero complex in Paso Robles for a gathering of friends, old geezers if you will…On display are current aero planes under construction or recently restored by Chuck and his team, as well as the 10 new engines recently built for projects.  Also of interest is Chuck’s collection of vintage aero plane engines as well as vintage hot rod engines, unreal to see all of this in one location!
Several local race cars, including Smokey’s Darkside Nitro funny car, and the California Hustler were on display as well…. During the day, as each invited attendee drove in they were photographed in front of the famed Mustang fighter plane, a great opportunity for a slice of history; while only owners with cars/trucks older than 1953 are invited, once in a while a later car will show up, usually a backup while the older car is being worked on…no problem, Chuck doesn’t send it to the crusher… A catered BBQ lunch, with desserts, coffee and such is the only expense to attend; held in June each year, this is one of those deals you want to hit, all you need is an invite, and a ’53 and older ride….
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