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Car Show: Novato Cars & Coffee May 2019

Novato Cars & Coffee May 2019

Novato, CA
Sunday, May 5, 2019
Photos by: Dean Court

Novato Cars & Coffer at Vintage Oaks Center happens on the first Sunday at 7am. If you slept in today you missed a good one. Lots of older cars & Hot Rods, a number of XKE Jags, and a guy brought a rusty 51 GMC City of S.F Water street cleaning truck worked over with a Detroit Diesel and turbos. This truck had a a lot of trick work and just put a smile on the face of many others. A CHP officer brought a new Dodge car and did some great PR work. I do not think he walked away from his car to look at others. People had a lot of questions and were very interested in the new car. This gathering draws over 350+ cars.

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