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Car Show: Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop Garage Night

Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop Garage Night

New York
Saturday, February 4, 2012
Photos by: "Big Al" Liebmann

Finally I made it to the MECCA of EAST COAST HOT RODDERSRolling Bones Hot Rod Shop in NY. This is the place full of hot rod owners, who come from all over to listen to the gospel. For nearly a decade, Ken Schmidt & Keith Cornell have opened the doors to their shop to welcome visitors from as far as CA, MI, PA, VA and even the UK and not to mention a huge base from New York and surrounding East Coast states. They come to check out their latest builds, fill up on killer food, and talk hot rods till the wee hours of the morning. This year the weather was warm for a change, in the 20’s vs. other years when they were in a Deep Freeze for this annual get together.

The cars they build always have the tops chopped hard with the windshield leaned way back. Original Ford bodies are perched up onto original Ford Chassis’s. No reproduction parts here at all. These cars are the real thing built from parts that guys used from the mid to late forties and earlier. The Rolling Bones guys have gained a measure of fame by driving their rods across the country to places like Bonneville and the SEMA show and I even saw them last weekend at the GNRS.

The roads were clear and there were more than a few hot rods parked outside the shop on a clear east coast winter night. Thanks to Keith & Ken for a great time and inviting a few friends to stop by. Also, thanks to Chuck Vranas & Jeff Norwell for sharing your photo and art tips and, the Virginia Regiment for the southern hospitality. Check out the BONES Crew @ …NJoy the pics !!! …. Big Ag Al


Chuck Vranas, Big Al , Jeff Norwell


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