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Rodders Row

I recently finished my version of Ed Roth's great Mysterion show car.  Mike Scott and Dave Shuten collaborated on one in about 2005 that now resides at Galpin Auto Museum in LA.  Mine is different in that it has a stronger frame and I intend to try driving it.
Will try to enjoy this car in my retirement age, the car is nicely done. So far its lots of fun. Few minor issues to deal with but nothing we can’t handle. 383 stroker with 400 turbo Trans and 9” ford rear end with coil overs. Wildwood disc brakes. It’s an eye catcher.
My name is Rod, I wanted another 70 'Cuda just like I owned in 1970. I've waited since 1972 to afford one.
 A 402 BB with comp cam & roller rocker arms, ported heads, edelbrock air gap intake with 770 holley duel-feed dbl pump carb, headman ceramic
My Garage is VETERANS GARAGE {a gasser emporium} I witnessed record breaking   runs at Connecticut Drag Way  before I got deployed to Vietnam. The images stayed with