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Blast to the Past

Words: John Gunnell Photos: Courtesy of Ford Motor Company
Dennis LeFief (pictured below) sold his Duece Coupe in Michigan around the late 60's and he's trying to locate it. It had some unique body features. A custom of the 50’s all significant work was done in lead, featuring, filled top, shaved door and trunk handles. Any info would greatly be appreciated.
 While going through some old photo albums, I ran across some pictures I took at a June 1964 Custom Car Show that I had attended as a 13-year-old at the Asbury Park, New Jersey Convention Hall.  
I had been drafted in August 1967, got married Sept 1967.  A couple of weeks prior to marriage, I went down the El Camino Real in Redwood City on a Wednesday night and there sat, on the east side of the boulevard heading north, a small used car lot with the Sonny Morris Bailon-built ‘49 Merc sitting on the back line.
Here are a couple of pictures taken in 1956 of a couple of teenagers and their car, and another picture of the same couple taken in 2011. They have been married for 57 years and still love having fun with their 1950 Olds convertible.    
  By Randy Bolig
The Inductees for this year were  Ken Hammel, Dave Putnam, Todd Sizemore, and Builder Of the Year  was  Paul  Camilleri. The  legends roster list  has  been  going  since 1989 with names like Andy brizio, Roy Brizio, Art Himsl, Darryl Hollenbeck, George Barris, Oz Welch, John D” Joe Bailon, the  list  is  very long  of  the  icons  in  our  Hobby.
Jim Mothershead shares with us the first Hotrod he recieved at 12 years old.
By John "Gunner" Gunnell 
9 November 2001 – The temperature in California in November is usually in the mid 60s, but this year it was in the high 70s to low 80s. The second of three qualifying days at the NHRA Finals. At the NHRA Motorsports Museum this evening after the day’s racing the NHRA had invited all the Top 50 Drivers voted by a select panel.